In 2024, you should become proficient in Java. Thinking why? Because in today’s quickly evolving tech world, everyone aspires to be efficient and productive. They must do this by utilizing intelligent tools and languages that produce the intended results faster. Many novice programmers find it difficult to select the best programming language.

Therefore, in 2024, whether it’s Python, C++, or Java, we need to select tools that make our work stand out from the crowd with the fewest mistakes and bugs possible. In this post, we’ll learn the main justifications for selecting Java in 2024. Read the entire article to gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

What Exactly is Java Programming Language?

Java is an object-oriented language, just like C++. Its advanced and efficient features, however, distinguish it from C++. It is freely accessible to you. It is a class-based, autonomous, concurrent language. Recent surveys carried out by popular employment agencies in London highlight a noteworthy development in software development services in the UK: a widespread inclination to use Java rather than other programming languages. Java is the ideal programming language for developing the following kinds of applications:

  • Embedded Systems
  • Middleware Applications
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Desktop Application

In light of this, let’s examine ten strong justifications for learning JavaScript.

1. It is the most widely used language for programming!

Possibly the most important reason to begin our list! According to StackOverflow, JavaScript is currently the most widely used programming language among professional developers. Today, even back-end developers use JavaScript.

2. Your web browser has it!

There is no denying that JavaScript is the internet’s default language. JavaScript was probably used in its development, so all you have to do to find proof is check out your browser. JavaScript’s importance is understandable given that browsers are an essential component of any user’s online experience.

3. JavaScript isn’t limited to the internet

JavaScript has a wide range of applications outside of its typical online roles. To mention a few, it develops cross-platform desktop apps, native apps for iOS and Android, and works with the Internet of Things (IoT) to power smart televisions.

4. JavaScript Is Very Beginner Friendly!

Today, JavaScript comes pre-installed on all web browsers, saving novices the trouble of setting up a development environment. Beginners can begin coding right away. It’s one of the easiest ways to get started with coding and a great resource for newcomers. A sizable online community is available as well, providing assistance and guidance.

Additionally, JavaScript is a great resource for novice programmers who wish to learn other languages. Important programming abilities like imperative, functional, and object-oriented programming are supported by JavaScript. In turn, novice developers can use these abilities to learn any new language they choose, such as Python, Java, or C++.

5. Learning JavaScript Is Simple

JavaScript is not only an easy language to learn, but it is also a natural language to use. JavaScript simplifies complex details for the novice by turning them into abstracts. JavaScript feels more like a natural language than the higher-level languages do.

6. You Can Easily Produce Eye-Catching Aesthetic Elements & Visual Effects Using JavaScript!

Building a website is one thing; creating a visually stunning website that grabs users’ attention and promotes interaction is quite another. Because JavaScript is so flexible, adding cool design elements like animation, interactive maps, and scrolling video is a breeze. Businesses and customers seek out web designers who can create visually appealing pages that are both technically sound and enticing to visitors. Knowing JavaScript will enable you to deliver.

7. JavaScript is Versatile

JavaScript is by no means a one-trick pony; rather, it gives a programmer the ability to handle every facet of app design. Would you like to code on the front end or user side? It is possible to combine it with Angular. Do you find the server-side (back-end) more interesting? You can also achieve that if you include Node.js into the mix!

React, React Native, and Electron can also be used to create desktop, mobile, and web applications. JavaScript can also be helpful if machine learning piques your interest.

8. JavaScript Has an Impact on Cloud and Big Data as Well

On the modern internet, JavaScript Object Notation, or JSON, is the accepted format for exchanging data. NoSQL databases store records in JSON documents, which work best with JavaScript but can be used with any programming language.

Additionally, more developers are using Node.js to create cloud-based applications, a highly sought-after market.

9. It’s an Important Resource for Game Designers!

Today’s game industry is huge, and developers with knowledge of JavaScript have an added edge. The language is ideal for game developers because of its power, adaptability, and ease of creating visual effects.

10. Lastly, There is Massive Career Potential For JavaScript!

There is a growing need for developers who are conversant in the more popular programming languages as more and more companies and organizations go digital. That’s JavaScript, as we’ve already mentioned!

Final Verdict

Today, there is a lack of competent JavaScript developers, so the demand is rising while the supply is decreasing. Seventy percent of the companies surveyed want to hire a JavaScript developer, according to a Devskiller report. Additionally, there is a rising need for Python-savvy data scientists. Between 2023 and 2030, the market for data scientists and data analytics is expected to expand by 15%. That translates into 364,0000 new job openings in actual numbers. JavaScript is used in the front end of every Python web application, so it’s obvious that the language is required.

Companies and other entities seeking JavaScript experts are also willing to offer competitive compensation! According to the well-known employment site Indeed, a JavaScript developer in the US might make an average of $120,804 per year. Thus, you should learn JavaScript if your goal is to become a programmer who can always be guaranteed a steady career and be well compensated for it.

Author Bio

Vishnu Narayan is a content writer works at ThinkPalm Technologies. He is a passionate writer, a tech enthusiast, and an avid reader who tries to tour the globe with a heart that longs to see more sunsets than Netflix!