Indians love their savory treats, every household has its own specialities of savories and sweets at the time of festivals and celebrations.  A variety of savories that are glitzy and well known famous snacks are served across India that lures people with the promise to please their fussiest palate. 

The top pick savory snack to keep an eye out for are :

Kara sev: Kara Sev is a crunchy tea time snack made from besan, rice flour, and spices such as red chili powder, salt and jeera. Sattur’s zesty flavourful of crispy, crunchy and spicy Kara Sevu are prepared in-house using a traditional method which is a top-selling snack in South India. 

Murukkus: Murukkus are a highly popular snack in South India, it is known for their twisted and spiral shapes typically made from rice flour and urad dal flour. Super-rich murukku with its melting texture making it a fitting snack for Diwali.

Thattais: Thattais can be either sweet or savory deep-fried snack made with rice flour and commonly prepared during Janmashtami or Sri Krishna Jayanthi festival. 

Boondi: Like thattais, boondi can also be sweet or savory. For the savory version, Kara Boondi is tiny spiced balls made from gram flour seasoned with spice and condiments. With the super crunchy fried curry leaves and cashews, Kara Boondi is an absolute pleasure and is enjoyed as is or used as the base for Madras or Bombay mixture; they’re also a popular addition to raita.

Ompodi: Ompodi comes under the member of the sev family. Ompodi is thin and light strands flavored with the right amount of spice and cooked to perfection for that desirable crunch.

Pakkodas: The Fritter sorts with onions makes a  smooth crunchy texture to it. It makes a great tea time combo your guests will relish.

Mixture: The Mixture is a tasty hodgepodge of various delectable treats and it is primarily made during Diwali, it is also enjoyed as a snack year-round, typically alongside a cup of tea and also used for garnishing in chaats. 
Indians prefer these Chai time namkeens to refresh and relish small hunger and also to please their taste buds. The Indian savories market is huge and there are many players in the industry. Choose the best snack items from M.S.Shanmuga Nadar Mittai Kadai to explore the bountiful collection of the tastiest and delicious savory and sweet items.

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