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Martin Lawrence is one of Hollywood’s most beloved comedic icons, known for his countless side-splitting catchphrases and unforgettable roles. From iconic films like House Party and Do The Right Thing to his own successful movie franchises, Lawrence has wowed audiences for three decades with his comic genius. Whether you’re looking for laughs or action-packed thrills, these top 10 Martin Lawrence movies will satisfy any audience.

1. Do the Right Thing

Martin Lawrence first broke into the big screen in 1995 with Spike Lee’s groundbreaking racial drama Do the Right Thing. The flixtor film was a breakout success, propelling Lawrence into stardom and setting the stage for his future film career. Although he only had a small role, his portrayal of Cee was a memorable one. From there, Lawrence went on to acclaim with roles in the hit 90’s comedy House Party and several other films before getting his first major blockbuster in 1999 with the movie Life. Lawrence is arguably at his most hilarious and raw in this movie, making it a classic.

2. Bad Boys

Following his success in House Party, Lawrence joined forces with another comedic legend to create the highly-rated buddy cop franchise Bad Boys. The movie was a massive success, earning critical acclaim and spawning two sequels. Lawrence and Will Smith make for a dynamic duo, displaying impressive chemistry with each other throughout the flick.

3. Big Momma’s House

After the success of the original Bad Boys, Lawrence starred in the underrated sequel Big Momma’s House. The movie was a hilarious comedy that showcased Lawrence’s comedic talents in a whole new way. The film also stars comedians Eddie Murphy and Tracy Morgan, who deliver laugh-out-loud moments in this funny flick.

4. Death at a Funeral

The dark comedy Death at a Funeral showcases the diverse talents of Martin Lawrence. The film follows a funeral that gets out of control as people begin to show up in droves. The film was a box office success and is one of the best examples of Lawrence’s ability to play off of other actors on-screen.

5. College Road Trip

This 2008 family comedy starring Raven-Symone and Martin Lawrence is another one of the funnyman’s best works. The film is about a father who tries to stop his daughter from taking an out-of-state college road trip with her friends. Despite being met with mixed reviews, the film was a commercial success due to its star power and strong comedic performances from both leads. This underrated film is a must-watch for Martin Lawrence fans!

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