Top 10 Red Velvet Song Must To Listen

Red Velvet has always been open to exploring and exploring their sound and concepts in unique ways, like with Psycho’s dark yet haunting atmosphere that perfectly compliments fall weather.

Cool Hot Sweet Love is an extraordinary track from Red Velvet that showcases their exceptional vocal talent – Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, and Joy are showcased to their fullest here with playful croons to powerful belts! Don’t miss this amazing track!

1. Zimzalabim

Zimzalabim is an incredible song with one of Red Velvet’s most engaging music videos to date, boasting vivid colors and full visuals that perfectly suit its carnival camp motif. listen top 10 red Velvet songs on Mp3 Juice for free.

However, the song has some structural flaws which makes listening confusing at times. For example, after the rap line’s verse comes Wendy and Seulgi’s parts which do not transition well between sections.

This song from their beloved girl group is not what the fans expected them to release and does not fit within their unique concept – shattering stereotypes such as school girls or innocent purity. Releasing something like this would only harm their reputation among their fan base.

2. Psycho

Red Velvet showcases their darker side on ‘Psycho’, a song known for its haunting melody and way it highlights each member’s distinctive husky voices. This daring concept shows their ability to craft songs that strike a balance between dramatic soundscapes and addictive hooks.

As a result, this song quickly became one of their best-loved tracks in their discography and an early precursor of R&B genre featuring sleek synths and deep bassline.

The girls put a funky tropical house flair into their rendition of the classic “dumb dumb” chant with this infectious tune, featuring vocal flexes and Michael Jackson-referencing raps that will have you hooked for good. Guaranteed! It will definitely become one of your earworms.

3. Last Love

Red Velvet proves its mettle with “Last Love”, an R&B bop which perfectly showcases their ability to make songs accessible by including familiar beats reminiscent of Amerie and Aaliyah beats, along with synths and pads evocative of The Weeknd chord progressions, all set off by sweet sensual vocals from each member.

Red Velvet’s song, “Christmas Wish”, holds special meaning to them and their fans. The lyrics express their wish to spend Christmas Day together with loved ones even though they live far away, while its accompanying music video showcases Red Velvet in festive attire for an eye-catching visual treat.

“Knock on Wood” may not stand out among this list’s other entries as much, but still features smooth vocals from its female performers. The beat alone gives off chic cocktail party vibes, while their delicate falsetto harmony displays their outstanding musical talent.

4. Dumb Dumb

This song depicts a girl thinking everyone around her is stupid. She wonders whether there’s something in their cereal that makes them stupid or is it simply how they were born.

Red Velvet’s first duality-themed song and one that demonstrated their genre-mashing sound were both present here, including verses that fuse funk and hip-pop influences and an explosive chorus with a memorable “dumb dumb” hook that has since come to define them.

Its video is an imaginative burst of color filled with smartly-made references and effects reminiscent of outdated technology, particularly its use of cassette tapes to evoke this period. Furthermore, its sets and costumes evoke duality through contrast of color, texture, and shape to explore themes of duality in society today. A wonderful and entertaining music video featuring girls in an intriguing doll factory setting!

6. Look

Red Velvet has always been known for taking risks with their concepts. Their songs stand out among K-pop in particular by being creatively and untraditionally different – something which Red Velvet takes great pride in doing.

The quintet unleashes their sensuality with this track from their second album. Fusing R&B and synthpop together, this irresistibly catchy tune features high production values and silky harmonies – perfect for summer dancefloors!

No wonder Red Velvet’s 2017 song was an instant classic! With its tropical beat and fruit-themed music video, its infectious melody will get your feet tapping along to its inspirational lyrics about being different and accepting yourself for who you are – this track stands as evidence that they truly are summer queens.

7. Milky Way

Red Velvet’s work embodied dissonant tones, and this track captures that perfectly. Tropical house was at the forefront of K-pop at this time; Red Velvet stood out with their distinctive blend of “red” and “velvet” sounds that blended their identities perfectly.

This song’s production line stands out with its distinctive, airy rhythms and unison “la-la-las,” juxtaposing with charismatic deliveries by members. Serving as their debut album’s lead single, this song set the foundation for their unique brand of pop.

Red Velvet’s most iconic song ever may well be this one, which expertly blends cutesiness and awkwardness to bring down bad boys. Created in collaboration between R&B architects The Stereotypes and SM Entertainment legend Yoo Young-jin, it remains their sleekest single yet. While perhaps not upbeat enough for summer hits, but nevertheless an essential listen.

8. Taste

“Taste” is one of the songs most representative of Red Velvet and serves to represent their unique brand of weird. The track’s blend of R&B, pop and jungle noises brings out this quirky aspect while its music video contains plenty of symbolism and powerful dance moves.

Red Velvet have never been ones to play by other people’s rules throughout their discography, from the combative production of “Huff n Puff” to their genre-bending creativity as seen on “Bamboleo.” Their genre-defying creative output has always been part of who they are; from combative production like “Huff n Puff” and skewed interpolation of Fur Elise in “Bamboleo,” to their genre-defying interpolation in “Bamboleo,” they’ve always shown no sign of slowing down with new mini album Queendom! We can’t wait for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Queendom!

9. The Perfect 10

“Perfect 10” by Red Velvet is one of their more underrated songs, showcasing their seductive side with simple percussion and an R&B beat for an irresistibly sensual listen. Listeners get a chance to experience Red Velvet’s smooth vocal range.

This song sends an important message about accepting people for who they are – no matter their weight or shape – by having its protagonist not care about any anorexic body types but accepting everyone as they are.

Red Velvet are more than just another girl group; they’re an extended family who care for one another – an important lesson we could all benefit from heeding and why they deserve even greater appreciation as K-pop acts.

10. Time to Love

Red Velvet have created many delicious slices of music since their debut in 2014, but ‘Time to Love’ stands out as an unforgettable track. It perfectly showcases Red Velvet’s unique vocal sound and undeniable charm.

Collaboration between R&B architects The Stereotypes and SM Entertainment composer Yoo Young-jin, this perfect deep cut showcases their talent at tone painting. Smooth synths, an unforgiving bassline and subtle yet rhythmic percussion elements like heel clacks and finger snaps combine masterfully to produce one of The Stereotypes most sensuous tracks yet.

The horn-infused single begins with an iconic loop from Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock before transitioning into an unabashedly self-love anthem led by Seulgi’s powerful vocals, who proclaim that being more different makes us all special – an idea sure to resonate with listeners.

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