The Future of Communication: Explainer Videos and Artificial Intelligence

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is an intricate set of technologies, which also allows animators to effortlessly create animated video. Nowadays, animated explainer video services also create AI videos for businesses besides other video types. Moreover, businesses from different sectors proudly invest in animated AI-based videos. Healthcare, pharmaceutical, and cybersecurity, to name a few.

Not to mention, animated video explainers aid in explaining complex topics in a simple way to the audience. By the same token, many businesses create artificial intelligence videos to explain AI topics, like machine learning, deep learning, etc. Put simply, explainer videos and artificial intelligence is the future of communication, and we shall tell you: How?  

Artificial Intelligence Videos and How to Create One

You can explain AI topics in an interesting manner and in a short time with animated artificial intelligence videos. Moreover, the target audience can easily understand and digest the messages you convey to them via animated AI videos.

Put differently, you can powerfully educate your target audience about the subject via AI video explainers. In addition, the audience will likely find reasons to try your AI product if they understand it.

Furthermore, you can reach a broader target audience with animated AI explainer videos because of their appeal and shareability. However, it is important you create an explainer video about your AI product that inspires.

Not to mention, hiring the best animated explainer video services can help you create a brilliant AI video animation. It will cost you money. But the ROI (Return on Investment) you get will surpass that cost.

How to Use Artificial Intelligence Explainer Videos for Communication

When it comes to using explainer videos to communicate AI concepts or products, less is more. Why? Because the attention span of viewers has become short over time. For the same reason, experts recommend businesses make short yet interesting animated explainer videos, such as AI videos. Besides, you can communicate your AI technology via different types of video explainers. Such as motion graphics, cartoon animation, and more.

In addition, you can use on-screen text in animated videos about your AI technology to recapitulate the audio. Moreover, you should use on-screen text at key moments in your video to make the audience easily digest the information.

Make sure you use an explainer video in a format that goes in line with your business goals and budget. It will help you successfully communicate information about your AI technology to the audience.

Why Explainer Videos for AI Products?

There are noticeable benefits of using video explainers to explain AI products to the audience, which we have mentioned below:

1.     Easy to Communicate Complex Ideas

AI videos allow you to easily communicate information about your artificial intelligence product or technology. Put differently, you can easily showcase via these videos to the audience what your complex product is. In addition, how your intricate AI product works in a real-world scenario.

Moreover, effectively explaining your complex products to your prospects won’t only allow them to seriously think about it. In addition, it will help your prospects realize how it can solve the problem they are having.

2.     Increase in Website Conversions

Firstly, it is important that you create a brilliant explainer video about your artificial intelligence product. Not to mention, a well-crafted video explainer will evoke curiosity in your customers to learn about your AI technology.

Moreover, you should place your AI video on your website and optimize it well for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What will it do for you? It will make your video appear at the top of SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Furthermore, more people will click on the video and land on your website if they find it. Besides driving more traffic to your website, it will increase your chances of boosting conversions for your business.

Considering the power of animated AI explainer videos to drive website conversions, it makes sense why you should create them.

3.      Provide a Smooth Onboarding Process

Crafting an animated video about your AI product gives your customers a solid understanding of how your product works. In addition, it allows you to convey to the audience how your AI product benefits them.

Furthermore, you can address your product-related queries with the aid of animated explainer videos. Addressing such questions will also provide your audience with a gratifying onboarding experience.

4.      Multipurpose and Very Effective

If you are a marketer, you already know how versatile and engaging medium videos are. Furthermore, explainer videos are no different when it comes to their versatility and effectiveness.  You can use these videos to portray a real-life picture of your AI-powered technology (product).

Moreover, you can use the same video types for multiple purposes as a marketing tool. For instance, you can distribute your full video or parts of it on different platforms for marketing. Trade shows and social media, to name a few of those platforms.

In addition, you can also partner with video animation agencies to distribute your AI videos on the right platforms. Besides, full-service explainer video companies also offer marketing services to their clients, in addition to video creation services.

5.      Increase Revenue

Animated AI explainer videos that animated explainer video services specialize in are also a revenue-generating tool. How? These videos let you move viewers to your conversion funnel besides encouraging them to take action you want. As a result, it allows you to powerfully make revenue when customers buy your AI-based product or service.   

6.      Help the Audience Take the Right Decision

Watching the videos about AI-based products and services, the audiences get a detailed description of them. It also helps the target audience of the business realize why AI-powered products are important to them.

Once prospects realize AI-powered products or services are the solution to their problems, they buy them. Put differently, they finally make a decision to buy an AI-based product or service that the business sells.

These are diverse benefits of making animated explainer videos to communicate information about AI-based products and services. Moreover, we have mentioned already that businesses from different sectors are already investing in these videos. Why? We shall like to tell you next.

Why Should You Create an Animated AI Video?

Businesses are using explainer videos to explain their AI technology because they have realized their power. You may also invest in animated videos to explain your AI product or technology to the audience. It won’t only help you successfully explain your product or service to the audience. But also allow you to exploit your investment with a substantial return on your investment, as a result.


AI entails a complex set of technologies that animators also rely on today to effortlessly create animated videos. Businesses from different sectors these days invest in AI-animated explainer videos. By hiring one of the best-animated explainer video services, you can create a brilliant AI video about your AI product. Moreover, there are also a good number of benefits to creating animated videos about your AI-powered product or service. For instance, it allows you to explain complex concepts, provide your viewers with a smooth onboarding experience, and more. Many businesses have already realized the potential of animated videos when it comes to their capability. Thus, you should also create animated AI videos for communication to join the competition and stand out among your competitors.

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