7 Best Shopify Payment Gateways

The payment process is one of the most important parts of any business since it allows you to do the entire eCommerce process. Setting up well-organized eCommerce payment solutions and smooth payment gateway, specifically in the eCommerce industry, is crucial for both you and your customers. And, in today’s digital era, you must provide a seamless shopping experience with the best user experience for your customers. In this article, we will discuss the top 7 Shopify Payment Gateways, which the company uses to provide the best customer service and experience.

Some of the Top Shopify Payment Gateways

Shopify Payments

As a Shopify-integrated gateway, this platform is extremely easy to use because it gets activated by filling out a form. This payment gateway platform charges a 2.2% fee, which is not applicable if you use it. The platform supports physical and online payments, and payments are generally received within 3 business days. In addition, if you choose Shopify Payments as a merchant, you can lower credit card rates by upgrading your subscription plan, and you can also manage orders, payouts, and payments directly from Shopify.

Moreover, this payment gateway supports integration with up to 300 tools and offers a range of API flows that allow users to build their own subscription plans, marketplaces, and crowdfunding platforms.


The next best Shopify Payment Gateway in the list is Paypal. In less than a day, PayPal has gathered 220 million active users worldwide, and it is accepted in more than 203 countries. This Shopify Payment Gateway platform allows users to set up both paid and unpaid accounts. Since PayPal has grown so popular, it has even surpassed its parent company, eBay, and become an independent company. This platform has various features, such as mobile checkout, accepting international payments, and accepting PayPal payments directly.

Additionally, PayPal has launched a business version known as PayPal Payments Pro, with fees ranging from 1.9% to 3.4%. PayPal Payments Pro can be customized to meet the needs of its customers and can be accessed via mobile devices as well.


Regardless of your business size, WorldPay is one of the most user-friendly platforms, known for its effective security and reliability features. After PayPal, this is the second largest platform under Shopify Payment Gateway and accepts online telephone and card transactions. Having operated in more than 120 countries, their management and sales teams are highly efficient. Their international reputation has allowed them to establish themselves as a trusted platform.

The platform is widely recognized because of the sliding scale of fees that are taken based on the turnover of the store owner, which allows them to allocate costs accordingly.


Stripe is one of the top Shopify Payment Gateway platforms, specifically in the US. This payment gateway comes with a variety of tools that can be customized and adjusted as per your payment processes. Furthermore, it provides merchants with the ability to accept both local and international credit card payments, wallets, and other international currencies. This gateway is especially popular because of its ease of integration, clear pricing structure, and remarkable user-friendly architecture.


If you are looking for a Shopify Payment Gateway that fits all types of businesses whether small or large business and has multiple plans for its users, then Authorize.Net is the most suitable option for you. It enables your eCommerce store to accept payments via different e-check and credit cards, including MasterCard, Discover, JCB, Visa, Diner’s Club, and American Express. And, it is possible because of its payment management and payment processing services. This directly assists the store owner to activate a secure, seamless, and cost-effective checkout process.

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Amazon Pay

Shopify Payment Gateway now also permits merchants to take payments via Amazon Pay. This is because of the huge number of users with Amazon accounts who use this method to make payments today. Payments created by this platform are often very fast, convenient, and trustworthy because the store integrates the existing details of the user via their Amazon account. Nevertheless, this platform has a disadvantage since it might not be affordable for many low-volume merchants.

SagePay (now Opayo)

SagePay is also a widely used platform as Shopify Payment Gateway, especially in the United Kingdom. This platform facilitates eCommerce store owners to receive payments online and over the phone with proper security and 24/7 customer support. It usually takes 4 to 5 weeks to set up. SagePay conducts multiple checks on your account, including an analysis of the contact information displayed on your website and the payment logos displayed in your shopping cart.

This platform’s biggest USP is that it offers a flat monthly fee with no transaction fees for many of its features and has a 99.9% uptime rate.

Final Words

All in all, picking the right payment gateway platform for your Shopify store is essential to boosting and increasing traffic. And, in this whole article, we have discussed the top 7 Shopify Payment Gateways, which you can use if you want to give your customers a swift and convenient user experience.

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