See Who views your Instagram profile

Instagram is one of the widely used social media platforms. Billions of users log in to Instagram accounts and regularly watch videos, and photos uploaded by their friends and favourite celebrities.

Most of the users upload their videos, photos, and daily stuff on Instagram but some users do not post so much they only stalk the other users. Instagram users are curious to know about those who viewed or visited their Instagram profile page. In this article, we will see how to see who’s viewed your Instagram Profile.

Can we See Who views your Instagram profile

Everyone on Instagram wants an answer to the above question. Because everyone wants to know who is interested in their profile.

The first question arises: Does Instagram tell you who viewed your profile The answer to this is no. There is no direct method or we can say built-in features to know about the users who visit our Instagram page. The reason behind this is to make the activity of users more private.

Is there Any App Available to See Who Looks at your Instagram?

Some third-party apps claim that they made it possible. Which are available in both Play and the App Store. Some of the available apps are listed below:

  • Social view for Instagram
  • Profile +
  • Follower analyzer for Instagram

The above apps claim but they don’t work. As we read their reviews they only show the list of blocked users (which can also be found on the Instagram page) or a list of random users which changes every time we search in the app.

So in search of how to see who viewed your Instagram, there’s no need to use these apps because they threaten our privacy and also charge money to unlock their features which have no use.

How to See Who Viewes your Instagram Stories?

This is possible to see who saw our stories instead of profiles. But it is restricted to 48 hours after posting the story after that Instagram does not show the list. The steps involved below to check the list are:

  • Open the app
  • Tap on” Your Story” on the left corner
  • Tap on who sees your story
  • This is only useful within 24 hours after upload.
  • For 48 hours you need to tap on ‘+’ in the top right corner.
  • Select “Story Highlight”
  • Choose the recent story and tap “Next”.
  • Enter the name for highlight then press the “Done” button.
  • Now open the story highlight and scroll it up.

When you explore how to see who looks at your Instagram is possible via the stories or highlights within 48 hours.


There is no app or service present that can express the list of those who viewed our Instagram profile but we only see who viewed our story. This restriction is due to security reasons and retains the users who just use Instagram to stalk others.

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