Private Instagram Profiles

If you are seeking such ways to view a person’s private Instagram account, then there are several reasons. Here are four such things that we have mentioned to view other private Instagram profiles including:

  • You want to check activity and photos of private profiles on Instagram
  • You are interested in checking photos and other activities of people who are blocked on Instagram by you
  • If you want to watch someone’s stories without knowing them or any video anonymously
  • Or else when it is actually necessary, which means when you are getting worried about your child’s online activity

In this article, we are going to discuss some ways to view a person’s private Instagram profile.

Three Easy Methods Where You Can View Other Private Instagram Profiles  

Below we are going to discuss three easy ways, which will be your answers to how to see private Instagram.

1) Send A Follow Request  

One of the easiest ways to view someone’s private Instagram profile is by sending a follow request. It is quite obvious that the person you followed should accept your request. You will also be able to watch several profile activities like images, stories, images, and other posts where they accept your follow request.

Here is a step-by-step procedure where you can send the following request

  • Open the Instagram application.
  • After that, click on the magnifying glass where you can search your desired user’s profile
  • Then you have to enter the username of the private account which you want to follow
  • On the profile page, you have to tap the option “follow.”
  • Once you click the “follow” button, then it will turn into “requested.”
  • Then you have to wait for some moments for being approved your follow request

Although the process might be easier, it is not the obvious way to get access to any private Instagram profile. This is actually a tedious process for using several services, and most of them are spam.

2) Need To Create A New Account   

Another easiest method of viewing a person’s private Instagram profile is by creating another new account. Sometimes it happens when you are blocked on Instagram by the user you followed. In this case, you can create a new account with a different picture and a different name.

Also, remember to make your new profile likable so that your follow request gets approved quickly. Actually, making an Instagram profile attractive is quite hard. After that, it has a better chance of acceptance.

3) Using The Glassgram Application    

If the above-mentioned two options are not applicable to you, then you can try this method. In this case, you can use a third-party application like GlassGram, which helps you to view private Instagram profiles.

You will be getting a lot of Instagram private profile viewer options where you will have a separate dashboard that helps you to monitor the activity of the target private Instagram profile.

Here is the step-by-step method by which you can view your private Instagram private profile

Step No.1  

First, you have to go to the “Contact Us” page on the Glassgram website. Where you will be asked some questions like how many profiles you are able to monitor with the help of the GlassGram application.

Step No. 2  

After that, you will be able to sign up through the link they have sent to your email account.

Step No. 3  

Once you are in the dashboard, then you have to give the username of the private Instagram profile that you are looking to track

Step No. 4  

GlassGram takes more than seven days, where you can get details of stories, posts, likes, and tagged photos of the private profile which you want to track.

Add Ons  

Below we are going to mention some more applications which you can use for viewing private accounts on Instagram.

1) IGMagnify   

One of the best Instagram private profile viewing applications is IG Magnify. This application can provide safe, best, and secure services.

Some of the pros and cons of IGMagnify


  • This is one of the best platforms for anonymous viewers
  • This application gives you encrypted and fully secured services
  • It can work on every device


  • If you are an iOS user, then you won’t be allowed to experience some features of this application

2) uMobix   

If you want to monitor your kid’s activity on Instagram, then you can easily use uMobix. In this case, you can get to experience some free trials for making further decisions to be a permanent user of this platform.

Some of the pros and cons uMobix


  • This software application provides good value
  • The interface of this application is user-friendly
  • This software application is an undetectable


  • If you are an iOS user, then you will be getting to experience fewer features

3) mSpy   

One of the best Instagram private profile viewer applications is mSpy. This application is mainly designed for following direct messages on Instagram.

Some of the pros and cons of mSpy


  • This app offers some of the lowest prices features
  • You can easily track multiple mobile activities
  • This application is simple to use and install


  • You can provide only one approach for one device

In Conclusion

We have discussed the best possible ways to view a private Instagram account above in this article. It is not harder to view a public Instagram profile. But when it is about a private account, then it is quite harder to view. Although there are a lot of applications and multiple ways of viewing Instagram’s private accounts, still viewing private accounts is quite offensive and illegal.


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