Rabbit Breeding

Livestock shows can give you the perfect dose of entertainment for the visitors. The owners get the opportunities to entertain the spectators with the best pets under them.

Let’s take a case for Rabbit Breeding, where the rabbits’ shelter and grooming are done to the best ability to make them look as appealing as possible for the spectators.

 The procedures required for setting up a livestock show:

  • Selection of the best animal type

Before the start of the livestock show, the owners select the best animals that are fit to have a chance to win the show.

For instance, in Rabbit Breeding, they select the ones with pure breed characteristics, dairy confirmation, good temperament, age development, and growth with the best health and plump flesh.

  • Feeding

The different breeds of animals are to be fed well. Food and nutrition such as wheat bran, linseed meal, and ground oats or ground barley range from 1 kg to 1.5 kg per day, depending upon the conditions of different animals. Feeding animals with such rich food daily will keep your livestock in optimum condition.

  • Attending to horns

Well, not every livestock has horns, such as rabbits. But most of them have cows, buffaloes, and many others. Their horns are regularly cleaned and polished to keep them shiny, symmetrical, and presentable.

  • Trimming Hooves

The hooves should be trimmed and polished regularly like the horns. The constant movement in the rough surface leads to wear and tear of hooves. Trimming once in a while is beneficial for the livestock.

  • Training of the animals

Well, animal training is necessary to keep them stable and well-behaved. A trained animal is more disciplined and knows better situations than untrained ones. Training exercises, such as telling them to sit down, stand up, or pull the rope and run, are some of the training exercises done with the pet animals.

  • Improving the condition of the fur coat

Animals tend to loiter around or lie down anywhere, whether it is dirty or not. The owners have to brush their fur.

For instance, in the case of rabbit breeding, the process of improving the coat is from clipping, brushing, washing, blanketing, and finally, to bedding. This process makes the fur as smooth as silk and soft. It looks shiny and neat. Everyone knows that people love to caress the furs of animals.

  •  Final Preparation on the day of the show

On the eve of the livestock show or competition, all the above procedures are done simultaneously to keep them in the optimal state. From washing to cleaning and polishing to setting up stalls for the animals to say they are done together.


Setting up a livestock show looks tiring, but it is an interesting and enjoyable process for the owners. It is because they consider them their close ones and source of income. Hence, it is not a burden to the owners. In the case of rabbit breeding, the owners follow the same process. This shows how important and interesting every profession is.

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