Naphtha, a vital feedstock in the petrochemical industry, plays a significant role in driving industrial and economic growth worldwide. In this blog, we will delve into the current Naphtha Price in India and its trends, as well as compare it with prices in Japan, Pakistan, Europe, and the global market. We will explore Naphtha prices per litre, per kg, and per metric ton to give you a comprehensive understanding of the Naphtha market. Let’s dive into this intricate world of Naphtha pricing.

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Understanding Naphtha

Naphtha is a versatile hydrocarbon liquid that finds application in various industries, including petrochemicals, refining, and energy. Its uses range from fuel blending and solvent manufacturing to producing chemicals like plastics and resins. Given its diverse applications, Naphtha’s price can have a profound impact on various sectors of the economy.

Naphtha Price in India

As of the latest data, the Naphtha Price in India stands at INR XX per litre, making it a crucial factor in the country’s economic landscape. This price has seen fluctuations over the years, influenced by global market dynamics, crude oil prices, and domestic demand.

Naphtha Price Trend in India

To better understand Naphtha pricing in India, it’s essential to analyze the trends. Over the past decade, Naphtha prices in India have experienced both ups and downs. This volatility can be attributed to factors such as geopolitical tensions, supply-demand imbalances, and changes in refining capacity.

Naphtha Price per Litre in India

The Naphtha Price per litre in India is closely monitored by industries dependent on it, such as the petrochemical sector. It directly impacts their production costs and, consequently, the prices of end products. Manufacturers and industrialists keep a keen eye on this metric as part of their cost management strategies.

Naphtha Price Japan

Comparing Naphtha prices in different regions provides valuable insights into global market dynamics. Japan, being a significant industrial hub, also relies heavily on Naphtha. The Naphtha Price in Japan, as of the latest data, is JPY XX per litre.

Naphtha Price per Kg in India

Naphtha is not only sold by the litre but also by the kilogram. This metric is especially relevant in industries where precise measurements are crucial. The current Naphtha Price per kg in India is INR XX, reflecting the importance of accuracy in certain manufacturing processes.

Naphtha Price per Metric Ton in India

For bulk consumers and industries with substantial Naphtha requirements, the price per metric ton is a key consideration. The Naphtha Price per metric ton in India is currently INR XX. This price point is pivotal for industries operating on a larger scale.

Naphtha Price in Pakistan

Turning our attention to the neighboring country of Pakistan, we find that Naphtha also holds significant importance there. The Naphtha Price in Pakistan, as of the latest data, stands at PKR XX per litre. This price is indicative of Pakistan’s reliance on Naphtha for various industrial applications.

Naphtha Price per Mt

Naphtha is often traded on a global scale in metric tons. The Naphtha Price per metric ton, which currently stands at USD XX, reflects the global market’s dynamics and the interplay of supply and demand on an international level.

Naphtha Price Europe

Europe is another vital player in the Naphtha market. The Naphtha Price in Europe, influenced by regional factors and global trends, currently stands at EUR XX per litre. This pricing affects not only the energy sector but also the chemical and manufacturing industries across the continent.

Naphtha Price CAP

Naphtha pricing is not just about current rates; it also involves setting limits and managing price fluctuations. This is where the Naphtha Price CAP comes into play. Governments and industries may set a cap to control the maximum price at which Naphtha can be sold in the market.

Naphtha Price Chart

To get a visual perspective of Naphtha price trends, a Naphtha Price Chart is an invaluable tool. Analyzing historical data in graphical form can help businesses and investors make informed decisions based on past patterns and future predictions.


In conclusion, Naphtha’s pricing is a critical aspect of various industries, influencing production costs, economic stability, and global trade dynamics. Understanding the Naphtha Price in India, Japan, Pakistan, Europe, and the global market, whether per litre, per kg, or per metric ton, provides valuable insights into the world of energy and petrochemicals. Keeping an eye on Naphtha Price Trends and charts is essential for businesses and policymakers alike as they navigate the complex landscape of Naphtha pricing. It is clear that Naphtha pricing is not just about numbers; it’s about understanding the pulse of industries and economies worldwide.

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