Apple fans are not guilty of anything, as Apple has continually blown us away with its innovative creations and production. Apple’s ARM-based M1 processor or blazingly fast iPhones have always been in the news. Apple’s macOS 12 is the latest big news. Apple has announced the release date of macOS 12 and its provisional features. The codename is Monterey.

MacOS Big Sur left a lasting impression on users before macOS 12. Apple made major changes to the older macOS versions in order to make them compatible for the M1 processor. Stay until the end if you want to learn more about macOS 12. Check out macOS 12’s features.

macOS 12 Release Date and More

Apple has released a new macOS version every year since 2011. Apple has announced that it will release macOS 12 this year after macOS Big Sur. Monterey is the name of the major version. The main goal of new macOS releases is to fix all the bugs introduced by previous macOS versions. We can also expect macOS 12 to be the same.

Apple will release macOS 12 during WWDC. The probable date is around September or Oktober 2021. Apple releases its products in the fall. The beta version of macOS 12 would not be compatible with the majority of applications installed on your device. Testing may take some time before the final release. The experts at MacBook Repair Dubai also confirmed this.

You’ll also not have to pay anything, since macOS updates are free. There’s good news for the majority of Mac users. Apple has confirmed that macOS 12 is compatible with most MacBooks and iMacs.

MacOS 12 is available on the following Apple products as soon as its launch:

  • MacBook 2013 and later
  • Mac Pro starting in late 2014
  • MacBook 2016 and Later
  • Mac Pro starting in early 2015
  • iMacs from late 2015 onwards
  • iMac Pro 2017 and Later
  • Mac Mini 2014 and Later

MacOS 12 is also available for MacBooks and iMacs with Intel and M1 processors. From this July, developers can download macOS 12’s beta version. If you have a MacBook, iMac or both, you should check if macOS 12 is compatible with your device.

When can I download macOS 12?

In essence, your Mac will update its operating system automatically. Your Mac will still find its way to macOS 12 via System Preferences. Downloads will also be available on the Mac App Store. You just have to wait until the macOS version is released.

If you are a developer then you should go with the macOS 12 Beta version. This beta version is available for testing bugs and fixing technical issues on supported Mac devices.

MacOS 12 Exclusive Add-ons

Apple hasn’t made us wait for macOS 12 features this time. Apple has revealed all of the new features and major changes that macOS 12 will bring. According to the authority, the new macOS version will connect more users with the core of the device. Users can communicate easily with other Apple devices.

If you own an iPhone, iPad or other Apple device, macOS 12 allows you to streamline all your devices within the Mac device. More features will only be available on Macs that support M1.

Here are some details about macOS Monterey 12, as provided by Apple.

Universal Control

It can be frustrating to switch between Mac and iPad. MacOS 12 will make this a thing of the past. MacOS 12’s universal control feature will allow you to slide between iPad and Mac using a trackpad. It is interesting to note that users do not need to deploy any additional setup in order for the feature.

AirPlay Changes

AirPlay is a great feature for iOS devices. It will now be available on Mac devices. MacOS 12 is also to be credited. MacOS 12 will allow you to use your Mac devices as audio and video output.


Facetime has made video calls a breeze. FaceTime is even more exciting with macOS 12. Apple’s WWDC 2021 Keynote consists of spatial support, which allows audio to be partially positioned based on the location of the speaker and the person speaking.

Voice Isolation, on the other hand is another feature of macOS 12 which will reduce background noises. You can enjoy crystal-clear audio. Wide Spectrum is another quality feature that enhances ambient sounds, including voices and delicate sounds in the surrounding area.

MacOS 12 will benefit MacBooks, and other Mac devices that have M1 chips. M1 chips have been designed to reduce background noise. And, FaceTime video calls still stay end-to-end encrypted.


Safari, the default browser on Macs and other Apple devices, will be redesigned in macOS 12. Tabs in the browser will be more compact and can be viewed as tab groups. With macOS 12, the tabs, search field, and toolbar are all compacted. MacOS 12 allows you to maintain tab synchronisation across your Mac devices.


Shortcuts for iOS and iPadOS are available. With macOS 12, this exciting application will be available for Mac devices. Now, you can avail automation. You can also import shortcuts created on iOS or iPadOS devices to your Mac. Automator is not only available on Mac devices.


Apple has replaced the “Do not disturb” feature in macOS 12 with Focus. This feature helps you to filter notifications. Focus’ dedicated tag lets others know you are busy. Apple devices will inherit the Focus status if they have the high integrity feature.


Use Notes like never before, with all its new features and additions. Quick Notes allows you to write down any important information or data. Notes will also help you get links from Maps and Safari. Notes, on the other hand is designed to allow multiple users to edit a single note. Users can also submit comments and edit logs are registered under the Activity View feature.

Final Verdict…..

Doesn’t that sound cool? This macOS update is more of a bug fix than a major macOS version, like Big Sur. We’ll wait until the final release of macOS 12 is released. MacBook repair Dubai is able to help you if your MacBook device has any problems.

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