Lead Generation through WhatsApp: Step-by-step guide 

Looking to generate business leads using WhatsApp? You are at the right place. This blog post highlights the basics of lead generation through WhatsApp and its benefits. This blog post not only highlights the benefits of lead generation through WhatsApp but also covers managing leads through the WhatsApp business app and the WhatsApp business API which are normally connected to customer relationship management platforms offered by WhatsApp business service providers.   

What is lead generation through WhatsApp? 

WhatsApp lead generation is the process of generating leads for the business using WhatsApp. Lead means the potential customers who have shown interest in the products and services offered by the business.

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Businesses can generate leads on WhatsApp using the WhatsApp business application and the WhatsApp business API. It is a new method of generating business with multiple benefits. 

Why use lead generation through WhatsApp?

Some businesses might think that WhatsApp is for personal conversations. They might doubt the benefit of WhatsApp for contacting customers. They can consider the following data to assure themselves regarding WhatsApp lead generation.

More than five million businesses use the WhatsApp business application. More than 175 million customers contact businesses using WhatsApp daily. So, more importantly, WhatsApp helps businesses remain competitive.

Data suggests that the WhatsApp business application helps businesses speed up customer service by 225%. Conversion rates could improve by 20% and sales could improve by 27%. Data backs the fact that WhatsApp business application is beneficial for WhatsApp lead generation. 

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WhatsApp lead generation: Managing the leads 

Generating leads through WhatsApp lead generation is not enough. Managing the leads and effectively communicating with the leads is also very important. Businesses can manage business leads with the help of WhatsApp business applications. The WhatsApp business application has all the essential features that can help businesses manage conversations on their WhatsApp accounts. 

For example, new messages sent by businesses for promotions can be segregated based on priority, geography, and language, among other criteria. This ensures more effective lead generation through WhatsApp and that the new leads generated are managed effectively. Users expect fast replies from businesses. Lead generation through WhatsApp with the help of the WhatsApp business application ensures that businesses can send automated responses such as welcome messages to greet customers and meet their expectations. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Lead Generation through WhatsApp

Businesses need to adopt a careful approach while using WhatsApp for WhatsApp lead generation. It is important to have a list of Do’s and Don’ts handy which can be used for effective lead generation through WhatsApp that ultimately translates into lasting relationships with the customers. 

Send WhatsApp messages that are short and sweet 

WhatsApp messages sent by businesses should ideally be of the length of only a sentence or two. Sentences must feel like conversation texts. Value and a clear course of action must be communicated right away to ensure effective WhatsApp lead generation. 

Displaying Brand Personality 

Buyers want brands to be clear and honest about their identity and the values they represent. To ensure proper WhatsApp lead generation, a unique brand voice and personality must be reflected clearly. The use of emojis is also recommended. The aim should be to convey the brand personality so that customers are not afraid to get creative or funny.  

Don’t directly go for the sales 

When a customer reaches out to the business through WhatsApp, it can be tempting for the business to figure out how quickly the customer can be expected to buy. Using converting or closing messages as soon as the buyer reaches out could hamper the efforts done under WhatsApp lead generation. If attention is not paid to their intent, buyers could get frustrated and turn away. Outreach with the help of lead generation through WhatsApp must be built around the needs and priorities of the customers. 

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Don’t neglect existing customers 

Generating leads using lead generation through WhatsApp must be backed up with appropriate nurturing of the relationship with the customers. Existing customers can be provided with personalized guidance based on their prior purchases. In this way, it can be ensured that buyers are happy and receptive to purchasing again.   

Benefits of lead generation through WhatsApp

There are many benefits of using WhatsApp lead generation. Some of the most important benefits have been covered. 

High Opening Rate 

As per the recently available data, the average email opening rate across all industries is 21.5%. More importantly, the average opening rate of WhatsApp business API is 98%. WhatsApp is a channel that is trusted by customers. The high opening rate of WhatsApp alone is a compelling reason to prefer WhatsApp lead generation.

Building Relationships 

Customers expect near-instant responses to their queries. Young customers are unlikely to fill out forms or send emails which are normally associated with unreliable response times. If such customers don’t find immediate answers, they could easily move on to other brands. If however, support is provided using WhatsApp, they are more likely to reach out to the business. It must be highlighted that after WhatsApp lead generation, it is the time to start building and nurturing relationships. 

Getting ahead of the competition 

Customers already receive a large number of marketing emails in their inboxes. It is important to stand out when the target audience is drowning under unread messages. While the use of emails for promotions is getting saturated, the WhatsApp business application offers the chance for businesses to stand out and make an impression on the target audience. Efforts for lead generation through WhatsApp are most likely to help businesses establish their hold when other businesses are not taking this route. 


Lead generation through WhatsApp is the process of generating business leads using WhatsApp. Business lead means the potential customers of the business who have shown interest in the offerings of the business. Business leads can be generated on both the WhatsApp business application and WhatsApp Catalog API. There are multiple benefits of using lead generation through WhatsApp including the high opening rate of WhatsApp, a chance to build relationships, and getting ahead of the competition. 

Generating WhatsApp leads is not enough. It is important to manage the leads effectively. Using WhatsApp business applications, businesses can not only generate WhatsApp leads but also effectively manage the leads.

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