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In this hot weather, we often feel like enjoying a refreshing beverage, or an ice cream-based drink. A lot of cool drinks, and processed juices are also available in the market these days. But, they are not always healthy, and a lot of people choose not to have them. During such circumstances, you can definitely try having a shake. Hence, you might often wonder what is the difference between malt and shake. Such beverages will cool your body instantly, and will also provide you with several vital nutrients. But, when it comes to shakes, there are plenty of amazing options to choose from. All these options are extremely delicious, as well as healthy. As a result, we might find it quite difficult to choose a particular shake from the different available options. Sometimes, you might also wonder if you should choose a milkshake or a malted shake. In order to arrive at a decision, you must be able to clearly identify the differences between these two beverages. 

Find out what malt is..

  • This is a very popular beverage that people mostly enjoy during the hot months of the year. A lot of these people might be curious to find out the difference between malt and shake.
  • The malt milkshake or malted milkshake can be considered as a kind of milkshake that is prepared by using malted milk powder.
  • The term Malted milk powder might confuse a lot of people. This powder is actually made by combining wheat flour, malted barley, as well as evaporated powder of whole milk.
  • It must be noted that malted milk powder is also considered as a key ingredient of malted milk balls which is quite popular now-a-days.
  • The malted milkshake is characterized by a rich, and toasty taste. This flavor is produced because of the combination of evaporated milk, and barley.
  • In addition to that, this combination also provides thick consistency to the beverage. Some people prefer beverages that are a little bit thicker in consistency. This cannot be achieved in the case of a classic milkshake.
  • Another significant advantage of malted milkshakes is that they come in a number of amazing flavors. Hence, you will get plenty of delicious options to choose from. Most people prefer vanilla or chocolate malt. Both of them are classic flavors and they never fail to satiate us!
  • These beverages are often served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.It surely adds the final touch to this beverage. This makes it the perfect option to cool yourself down in the midst of hot and humid weather.

What are shakes?

  • Most of us might have tasted this beverage at some point of our lives. Still, we might not be aware of the difference between malt and shake.
  • The milk shakes are made with two main ingredients. The first ingredient is milk, and the second one is ice cream.
  • Apart from these primary ingredients, several additional flavors are also used to enhance the flavor of the shake. These include ingredients such as chocolate, fruit syrup, etc.
  • This beverage is prepared by blending all the above mentioned ingredients together. After proper blending, you will be able to get a perfect creamy consistency.
  • It must be noted that if you are someone who prefers beverages that are of thin consistency, then this is the perfect option for you.
  • The milkshakes originated in the year 1885. But during that time, the ingredients used were completely different. These included eggs and whiskey. Technically, these shakes were more like an eggnog and were consumed for treatment purposes.
  • But, thankfully these shakes underwent a drastic makeover by the 1900s. The ingredients were modified completely, and instead of eggs, the ice creams were used.
  • In addition to that, the whiskey was completely removed and instead of that vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry syrups were used.

Difference between malt and shake

  • As we have already discussed, the milkshakes are made by using milk, ice cream, and some flavoring agents. The malt also contains the same ingredients. But, in addition to that, it also contains malted milk powder.
  • Thus, the main factor that totally differentiates malts and milkshakes is the use of malted powder milk in the case of malts. Some people might think that this difference is insignificant.
  • But, it is actually the presence of malted milk powder which brings about immense differences in the taste, flavor, consistency, as well nutritional value of these two beverages.
  • The malted milk powder has the ability to enhance the flavor of the other ingredients. This in turn makes the malt a little bit sweeter than the normal shake.
  • In the case of malts, you will be able to get a characteristic toasty flavor. This flavor is brought about by the malted milk powder. On the other hand, in the case of shakes, such toasty flavor is absent.
  • The consistency of malts is comparatively thicker when compared to shakes. If you don’t like beverages that have a thicker consistency, then you must opt for shakes.
  • When it comes to our health and well being, malt is a better option. Both malts and shakes contain a lot of sugar, as well as saturated fats. But, the malted milk powder also contains several vitamins such as vitamin D, B2, B6, potassium, selenium, etc .


We have discussed the difference between malt and shake. Both these beverages might appear similar, but they are actually quite different. The taste, flavor, consistency, nutritional value, etc are considerably different in the case of both these beverages. So, you can have any one of these beverages as per your individual preference. However, it must be noted that the malts are easier to digest, when compared to shakes. Hence, if you are recovering from any kind of illness, then you must avoid shakes. During such instances, the digestive power will be very less and hence, you should consume foods that are easier to digest. The malts can be regarded as an excellent choice when you are recovering from any illness. It will provide you the much needed nutrients and vitamins without putting excess pressure on your stomach.  

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