Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, or just normally known as VAPT, defines security testing, which is designed to detect and also address vulnerabilities. 

VAPT is also known as an umbrella term, which includes many testing methods, such as automated vulnerability assessment. You will also come across the VAPT course that will teach you the different topics in this area. 

Besides that, after you complete the VAPT course, you will get the chance to conduct penetration testing as a skilled human engineer. 

Things you must know about VAPT

There are certain things that you might not know about Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing. Let’s learn about them from this section:

  1. VAPT is an inclusive testing solution

Automated vulnerability is viewed as an excellent starting point. Pen testing also standouts as a crucial security measure, but VAPT can bring the techniques and various others under the same category. 

That way, it will become easier to provide all organisations with an inclusive view of all the security problems. When you have VAPT beside you, it will become much easier to mitigate and discover all the vulnerabilities across different software and platform types.

  • VAPT can discover gaps between the security tools

It’s possible to combine manual and automated testing and assessment together. But at times, this combination can lead to several vulnerabilities. 

For example, when you run two vulnerability assessment tools for the same kind of application, it will provide a different outcome. But how will you know which is the right one to trust? VAPT will add a new layer to all of these. 

This approach towards security testing is created to fill the gaps between the automated testing tools and build a unified view of the security vulnerabilities.

  • VAPT can prioritise risks

There are many companies out there that are pretty conscious of all the risks but forget the primary steps. They will gather and find all the vulnerabilities but foregoes risk prioritisation, which is the most crucial step. 

Within the existing cybersecurity landscape, you will come across threats that are sophisticated and diverse at the same time. Due to such reasons, risk prioritisation becomes compulsory. 

Otherwise, you have to spend plenty of time on all the trivial risks when the serious ones are left unattended. In return, this will expose your company towards various cyber attacks and threats, which can be mitigated easily. 

Risk prioritisation is viewed as a vital part of VAPT, and an excellent VAPT strategy will emphasise and address this particular step effectively and clearly.

  • VAPT can uncover loopholes and misconfigurations in applications

Human error/mistakes are the main reasons that lead to a cyberattack. Mobile applications, networks and web applications are written by humans and are prone to mistakes. This is what all the cybercriminals want to exploit. 

Exploitable vulnerabilities occur because of incorrect or misconfigurations coding practices. You will find these things present in a 3rd-party application or your own. But VAPT, which is operated by a 3rd-party firm, will spot all of them easily. 

They will also address all these vulnerabilities right before they transform into severe problems or something much worse.

Wrapping Up

VAPT can help you find loopholes in web and mobile applications, keep your networks safe and also bridge a gap between all the automated testing tools. You can learn more about VAPT by taking up VAPT-based courses, which will help you gain more knowledge and information on it.

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