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What can you do when the car’s AC is not working and giving cool air? How to stay cool in your car without the conditioning? Think about ways to keep cool for your road trip without the AC. Custom-made car window shades are a viable solution. Try to get a foldable one when not in use.

You can look for many car accessories online in India from a reliable store. If it offers reasonable prices and has plenty to pick from, you can shop from the store. Before you can get a mechanic for the fix, the alternative shall keep you cool and comfortable for your trip ahead.

Tips you can do when AC is Broken

Roll Down the Window

The simple way to maintain cool in your car when the AC gives up is to roll down the car windows. Opening the window increases the drag, draining the gas mileage, but facilitates better airflow inside the car. You need not think of fuel consumption when the vehicle AC isn’t working.  

When the car AC is not working, installing a high speed 12V DC fan for car would be beneficial. Try to get the fan from a popular brand, and it is easy to plug in and use. Use its double tape to attach it to the dashboard, and it is ready to use. 

Install Cooling Seat Cover

Another way how to stay cool in your car is to have cooling seat covers. It’s important to maintain a cool back and head when driving. How much air flows inside the car when you are uncomfortable against a hot car seat doesn’t matter. 

The best way out is to install the latest plug-in seat covers. It has a fan to circulate air using its mesh and microfiber cushion. It keeps the body cooler, even when the car’s AC is down.  

Park the Car Under a Shade

It can be unpleasant to slide inside a car that is baking under the sun in the parking lot for a long time. If you want ways how to stay cool in your car, try to maintain the interior of the car cool. One way to keep the inside cool is to park the car under a shade. You can also try installing a sunshade to obstruct the sun’s rays. Keeping the car cool from the scorching sun during the summer is essential. 

Get Cold Drink

Though a quick fix on how to stay cool in your car, keeping a drink in your cup holder can cool you down instantly, even when the AC doesn’t work. It can bring down body heat and help one stay comfortable inside the car. Have the drink in the correct water bottle that will keep the beverage cool for hours. 

Keep water, ice tea, or lemonade handy when heading for a road trip. A water bottle and a cooler full of ice would be perfect for maintaining comfort when the AC goes down.

Use a Portable AC

If you are urgently looking for ways on how to stay cool in your car, use a portable AC. It works with your car’s power system or runs on rechargeable batteries. Depending on the AC model, fill it with ice water and use it when the AC isn’t working. It can help in better air circulation through the car. 

Try a DIY Fix 

Not all AC problems require a technician to fix them. Some DIX fixes can also help you for the moment and give relief on a hot summer day. When searching for how to stay cool in your car, often refilling the AC can restore it. Try to get the right refrigerant for the car. Often the auto part store mechanic can help you fix the AC issue. 

Another reason to fix a car’s AC is to check the compressor belt. An easy online tutorial can help fix torn belt problem. The solution can be easy and cheaper if the pulley is still spinning. 

Press the Recirculation Button in the Car

If the AC is not cooling the car adequately, press the recirculation button. It can condition the vehicle’s air and keep the fresh air outside. When the existing air circulates through the cooling coil, it is a bit cooler. You can feel more comfortable even when the AC is not running optimally.   

Try to Keep a Minimum Passengers

When thinking about how to stay cool in your car, you can try to reduce the number of passengers in a car. You cannot always control this, but more people will create heat in the car. Limiting the passengers will enable plenty of air circulation, and the car will not absorb too much body heat.  

As long as you can arrange for these alternatives when the AC goes down, you can comfortably ride in the car. With scorching heat outside, driving without an alternative

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