Emails are an essential asset for an organization as emails keep lots of information about an organization. But for some apparent factors, users want to know how to process IMAP to IMAP migration tasks. Generally, users use a manual solution to accomplish this task, which results in needing a proper migration of emails.

Users need a stepwise guide to complete this procedure. This blog will deliver a better solution for users to migrate emails from one IMAP client to another effectively. Kindly understand the entire method of processing this migration task by reading this blog till the end.

Reasons why do users look to change their IMAP client?

There are numerous reasons why users look to process the IMAP to IMAP migration task. The points below will help you understand the factors behind this migration task.

  • The primary reason behind this task is that the users are unsatisfied with their current IMAP client. So, they want to process the migration task from one IMAP platform to another.
  • If users have email accounts on different platforms, they want to access all their accounts on the same platform. For this, they process the IMAP to IMAP migration procedure.

For such reasons, users move emails from one IMAP client to another. Let us discuss the solutions that will help you quickly process this migration task.

Solutions to transfer IMAP emails to another IMAP client

Users can process the IMAP client email migration task using manual and professional solutions. However, there are better ways to move emails from one IMAP platform to another account than the manual solution. This is because of the numerous drawbacks of the manual solution. Users can face multiple problems in processing IMAP transfer tasks like migrate Gmail to Gmail accounts and other tasks.

So, it would be better to use a professional third-party tool to process this migration task. Users can choose the Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool and process their jobs as rapidly as possible. In the upcoming section, users can understand the complete details of its features and functionality; read them out.

Export emails from one IMAP client to another – An easy trick

If you want to process this migration task securely and effectively, Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool is the best option. This software takes minimal time to process the IMAP email migration task. Users can migrate from any IMAP client to another IMAP platform. Someone who wants to migrate Outlook to Gmail account can use this tool and process their task effectively.

This software keeps the folder hierarchy and metaproperties of the data when transferring to another platform. The tool has a filter facility that users can use to remove unnecessary items before the migration task. Also, users can add desired items to the process using its filter facility. Users can process Outlook to Outlook migration procedures with the help of this professional solution.

This tool allows scheduling the migration task regularly, such as daily, weekly, or monthly. It has a simple user interface, so users can quickly look towards to migrate Gmail to Gmail, Outlook to Gmail, and other IMAP client migration tasks. This software works on the job-based procedure, allowing users to run and create numerous jobs concurrently. Check the tool’s working and process the first 50 items per folder freely.

Wrapping Up

The Shoviv IMAP to IMAP Migration Tool is a simple solution if you want to migrate to another IMAP client. This solution will take a little time to process the numerous emails from one IMAP account to another. Users can also try out its free demo version and check out its working capability by processing the first 50 items from each folder of the mailbox.

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