How to Hire Node.js Developers: What Skills to Look For?

Node.js is today’s most popular server-side framework, and its popularity keeps growing. The flexibility of JavaScript, the speed of the V8 engine, and the power of a thriving community have only increased the productivity and popularity of Node.js. Businesses flock to hire Node.JS developers to avail themselves of all the framework’s development benefits.

However, no matter how great technology it be, Node.JS faces a great demand and supply gap. The amount of employers demanding to hire Node.JS developers is huge; however, there need to be more skilled node.js developers to fulfill the needs. This article will discuss some important skills you should focus on while hiring your ideal Node.JS developers. Let’s begin.

Top Node.JS Skills To Look For

  1. Node.js

The developer needs to have practical experience working with Node.js. That’s essential. Unless you hire Node.JS developers as freshers, the developer needs to know the framework to its core and not just on the surface level. They should know the working, APIs, principles, functions, test cases, and related skills. 

  1. Web Based frameworks

Another fundamental skill a Node.js web developer should have is the knowledge of essential web app frameworks. Since JavaScript and HTML are crucial web languages, many frameworks that work well with Node.js are available. Frameworks such as Express.js and Hapi have almost every feature available to build a web app. If you plan to hire Node.JS developers for web development, ensure they know how to use the frameworks to ease down and fasten up the development process.

  1. Security

Security is always a need on the web. With frequent threats of data breaches, developers must know how to build a secure system. Hire Node.JS developers who can provide secure authentication, know encryption, hashing algorithm, npm audits, and other vital tools and functions needed to build a secure web application.

4. Front-end

Node.js is mostly associated with the server-side end of the development. Hence, you must hire Node.JS developers with knowledge of the front end to craft an enriching user experience. Find developers familiar with client-side JavaScript, HTML5, CSS 3, and other related front-end frameworks.

5. Databases

There must be more than the Node.JS codebase to run the whole application. The dynamic data has to be stored in a persistence layer, such as a database. If you want to hire Node.JS developers to build a whole web application, ensure they know how to develop and maintain databases and interact with them through an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool such as Sequelize that gives a consistent API to any database. Some popular databases include MySQL, SQL, etc. Another choice can be Mongoose ORM for NoSQL and MongoDB databases.

6. Cloud platforms

Businesses must handle large traffic and client requests on the web application, which cannot be accomplished with a personal computer. Hence, it is best to incorporate a cloud platform to deploy the web application and to look after future storage needs. Some big cloud platforms, such as AWS or Azure, are good choices. Though, sometimes they require more infrastructure configuration than you can handle. Smaller, more custom, and more comfortable cloud platforms such as Heroku, Now, and Netlify can work like a charm in such situations. Hire Node.js developers who can configure the cloud to save expenses and excess load. 

Models To Hire Node.JS Developers:

The aforementioned skills are crucial and will help you assess better when you hire Node.js developers. Knowledge of these skills will help you in being more precise while shortlisting and interviewing the candidates. There are three models you can prefer to hire Node.JS developers:

  • In-House Developers: These are the normal employees in a company that form the core team. They require an office and utilities to work. Developers hired from this model stay for a long term and help out in any short time or urgent matters. However, they can be costly, as you must provide them with proper utilities, tools, infrastructure, insurance, and other overhead expenses. Moreover, in this model, you are limited to a particular region to hire Node.JS developers. You can hire developers from Indeed, LinkedIn, and through your local sources.
  • Freelance Platforms: If you want to hire Node.JS developers for short-term projects or to loosen up the excess tasks from your core team, freelancing websites such as Fiverr and Upwork can help you. There you can easily find and shortlist developers as per your requirements. You can analyze their portfolios and client reviews to hire. You can also share a job post. It is the cheapest model that allows the benefit of choosing developers from anywhere in the world. However, it can be time-consuming to pick up the right candidate.
  • Talent Marketplace Platform: Many platforms can help you hire the best programmers for your job on a contract basis. With these platforms, you can save time finding developers. Platforms such as Optymize have talented pre-vetted developers with years of experience. After getting your requirements, they will present a list of suitable individuals within 48 hours whom you can prioritize and interview. After that, you can hire Node.JS developers with a two weeks free trial period. They also help in staff augmentation and consultations.

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Node.JS provides everything you need to build a highly scalable, flexible, and robust application. Its rapid speed, versatility, full-stack development capabilities, rich libraries, and server-side support make it the best software development tool. As a young business or a startup looking for cost-effective ways to build your project, hire Node.JS developers for the best results. If you are looking to hire talented developers or need any consultations regarding it, contact Optymize. 

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