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We have mentioned it infinite times and we would say this again–If you use the correct strategies to attain backlinks for your website, you can massively improve your website’s ranking and domain authority.

Hence, in this blog, we will discuss eight strategies that work in favor of getting backlinks for your website. Here you go…

Eight strategies that will help you in getting backlinks for your website-

  1. Linkable assets
  2. Building resources pages links
  3. Broken link construction
  4. The Skyscraper Approach
  5. Link gap analysis
  6. Offer references
  7. Link to suppliers
  8. Listicle link construction

Come let us discuss each one of them in detail. 

  1. Linkable Resources

The components of this link-building method are as follows: 

  1. Developing excellent pages that will organically draw backlinks
  2. Introducing them to relevant media

If done correctly, it’s a scalable method to develop high-quality backlinks for your website.

However, bear in mind that you’ll have to produce content that other websites wish to link to.

Typical illustrations include:

  • Data-driven research
  • long-form, in-depth guides
  • Graphics and infographics

It might come easy for others to credit you as a source if you produce a resource that is comprehensive, interesting, and accurate.

The fact that these connections are positioned naturally, as Google prefers, is the finest part.

  1. Building Resources Pages Links

The practice of so-called resource page link building is among the easiest and most efficient techniques to obtain backlinks.

Resource pages are carefully selected collections of links, or resources.

Almost any topic you can imagine has a resource page. 


  1. Learning resources SEO
  2. Advice for dog trainers
  3. Sites for arranging a career

All of the examples listed above are a part of building resources pages links. 

  1. Broken Link Construction
  • Finding broken links on pages in your field and contacting webmasters with resources of your own to replace them is the practice of “broken link building.”
  • Backlinks on your website, not only give users a horrible experience but also reflects poorly on the site’s owner.
  • The site owner patches a broken link. As a result, you receive a backlink. This is all because of this low-effort strategy of broken link development.
  1. The Skyscraper Approach

The Skyscraper Technique involves creating backlinks using this tested procedure:

  1. Finding material that is effective and has received lots of links
  2. Better content creation
  3. Encouraging individuals who linked to the original article to read that information

In other words, produce quality content and distribute it to relevant audiences.

  • Wondering why will The Skyscraper Technique work magically?
  • This is because the best of the best inherently attracts people.
  • Hence, your main objective should be to grow to be the highest “skyscraper” in your area. People should choose to link to your material over other possibilities if your content is that amazing.
  • Create the best online material for your selected topic to hone the Skyscraper Technique. 
  • Bet everything on items like:
  1. Comprehensiveness
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Initial images
  1. Link Gap Analysis
  • Finding websites that link to your competitors but not (yet) to you is one of the quickest ways to uncover backlink opportunities.
  • A website is more likely to link out to yours if it includes links to several of your rivals’ websites.
  • The Backlink Gap tool will greatly simplify this procedure. 
  1. Offer References
  • Customers frequently use endorsements and reviews to guide their purchasing decisions. 
  • But did you know that you may use testimonials to increase the number of backlinks to your website? 
  • This is how it goes:
  1. Make a blog article highlighting the goods or services you adore.
  2. The proprietors of the sites you’ve mentioned should then be notified since they might link to your content or spread it on social media. 

Alternatively, if a website allows visitors to submit reviews, that is a quick and efficient method to get started.

  1. Links to Suppliers
  • You may have a great chance to earn backlinks to your website if you sell other people’s goods.
  • The “where to buy” sections that many manufacturers and suppliers offer on their websites are a straightforward link-building strategy.
  • The first thing you need to do is to make a list of all of your suppliers. 
  • Next, go to each website to see which of them has pages that link to their stores.
  • Look for a page that doesn’t list your website.
  • Ask your contacts at the business how to have your website included and linked by getting in touch with them. 
  1. Listicle Link Construction
  • List-based articles are known as listicles. Depending on your sector, they may cover a range of subjects, including:
  • Best [kind of business] in [city]
  1. 20 best [items]
  2. Top 10 blogs on [subject]
  3. The above examples are all lists.
  • The trick is to locate listicles that leave your site out of the list. Here’s how to locate these pages so you may connect with them and introduce your company.
  1. Try looking for “things to do in [your city],” “best restaurants in [your city],” etc. if you run a local business.
  2. To find listicles in your sector that omit your site, you may also utilize Google search operators—commands to narrow down your search.
  3. To omit words from your search that you don’t want to show up, use the minus sign (-). It would be your company’s name in this instance.


This was our blog on eight strategies for getting backlinks for your website. We recommend you give them a try. These strategies are proven to be successful in getting backlinks for your website. If you need any consultation or services regarding backlink creation, feel free to contact Kito Infocom. We provide various digital marketing services like website development, content writing, social media marketing, search engine optimization, etc. We are undoubtedly the best digital marketing agency in Delhi

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