Draw A Cupid

How to Draw A Cupid. Valentine’s Day is one of the loveliest days of the year. The Day celebrates love and romance; many people exchange cards and gifts with the person they desire or go on romantic dates.

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The mascot of this Day is the cherub Cupid. This winged kid flies around and shoots heart-shaped arrows to help two wayward people find each other.

Learning to draw Cupid is a great way to celebrate this romantic Day of the year!

If you want to feel the magic of Valentine’s Day, no matter the season, this is your guide.

So please sit back, relax, and enjoy this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a cupid that we have prepared for you!

How to Draw A Cupid

Step 1

In this guide to drawing Cupid, we show a more classic depiction of Cupid.

That means he’ll be styled to look like a curly baby, and the hair is where we’ll start in this first step.

Using the reference image, you can start by using curved lines to outline Cupid’s face.

Once the face outline is drawn, next we will add some facial features like eyes, nose, and mouth to create his calm facial expression.

His hair will be quite wavy and curly, and you can draw him using flowing lines emanating from his head to create the outlines and details.

Finally, for this step, you can use rounded lines to make his raised arm grab the bowstring and a straight line for the string.

Step 2

Cupid wouldn’t get far without his trusty wings, so in this next part, we will add some to your Cupid drawing.

Use some curved lines to create the outlines of the wings as they appear in our reference image. You can then add many smaller curved lines to add some feather detail.

The left-wing will be a little less detailed, but we’ll add a few more later. Then complete this step by drawing his outstretched second arm and some curved lines for his chest.

Step 3

Now it’s time to draw Cupid’s signature accessory in this step of our tutorial on how to draw Cupid.

This means we’re going to create his signature bow, and you can create this one using some curved lines to create some subtle shapes for the bow body in the underhand.

You can also draw the thin arrow on the bow and let the hand on the right side of the picture hold it.

Finally, let’s draw his legs under himself. These are drawn with rounded lines and are quite short and plump to make them look like a baby’s legs.

Step 4

We’ll complement your Cupid drawing by adding his flowing fabric robe behind him. This tunic is designed with many curved and rounded lines and details to make it look more like a flowing fabric.

It extends from the base of the wing to the back. It is positioned so that it appears to be connected to the fabric stretching out on the left.

After drawing all of the fabric. Let’s add a slightly wavy line across the chest for the strap to which we want his arrow quiver to attach.

Step 5

Before we start coloring your wonderful picture. We need to add a few final touches in this fifth step of our tutorial on drawing Cupid.

First, draw another curved line parallel to the line you drew across his chest to end the strap.

Then you can draw other shapes on his back to add more to the fabric of his tunic. Finally, let’s add some small curved lines to the wing on the right side for more detail.

Before moving on to the last step, what else can you add to this image? Perhaps you could design a background or incorporate cupids into a Valentine’s Day card for someone special.

Step 6

For the sample image, we provided for this Cupid theme. We used slightly more muted colors to create an understated and classic image.

If you want the colors in your image to look just as muted. You can use thinner watercolors, colored pencils, or similar mediums.

This is just one approach, so you might as well make the colors bright and eye-catching!

Your Cupid Drawing is Finished!

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