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Chocolates are loved by all and the use of fancy chocolate boxes makes them more desired. The use of custom chocolate boxes wholesale can decorate your chocolate boxes in an imaginative manner. The sweetest delight will become more enticing with the use of personalized boxes. 

Chocolate boxes play a crucial role in the sales of the actual product. People specifically choose fancy chocolate boxes. When you use eye-catchy designs and add-ons, your product succeeds in getting consumers’ attention. The selection of the right colors will further make your product memorable. 

Use High-Quality Material 

Custom chocolate boxes should always be made with high-quality material. Because of the delicate nature of chocolates, proper protection is required with packaging boxes otherwise your product will end up getting damaged. There are a variety of materials available in the market. The following materials are preferred by companies:

  1. Kraft: Kraft material is used mainly due to its environment-friendly nature. This material is a hundred percent decomposable and can be molded in any required shape. 
  2. Cardboard: Cardboard is a thick material and is a good choice for product safety. It is hard and can be reused.
  3. Corrugated Material: Corrugated material has three times more thickness than cardboard, therefore it is more rigid and gives a sturdy look. The flutes in corrugated material keep the product safe from abrasive damage. 
  4. Rigid Boxes: They are also called set-up boxes and are almost four times thicker than an average cartoon. They are commonly used for luxury product packaging. 

Advance Printing Techniques 

When you select the design of your chocolate boxes wholesale you must give dedicated attention to printing. Printing embellishes your boxes and gives them a unique look. No matter how good your product quality is, if poor printing techniques are used then the value of your product tumbles. 

Top chocolate companies always choose high-quality printing techniques. As there are numerous types of painting techniques available, the selection of printing according to your product requirement becomes easy. Use advanced tech, rapid, and premium quality printings to decorate your custom chocolate boxes wholesale. Following are some of the common printing types: 

  • Offset printing 
  • Digital printing 

Select Stylish Custom Chocolate Boxes Wholesale

The selection of a stylish box design is mandatory to increase sales. This concept is specifically important for chocolate box design. Packaging industries have a huge range of box styles for chocolate boxes. While selecting a box design you should keep the size and type of chocolate, such as dark, sweet, semisweet chocolate, etc. 

Following are some of the designs that you can consider for your chocolate product: 

  • Custom window chocolate boxes
  • Lid-up boxes
  • Two parts boxes (one to hold the product and the other one to cover it)
  • Display boxes 
  • Pyramid shaped boxes 
  • 3D boxes
  • Tuck boxes (reverse and straight)
  • Heart shapes boxes

Add Ons 

Add-ons are selected on the basis of product type. They make your product different from your competitors and help in easy recognition of your product.  Multiple types of add-ons are used in the packaging industry. They not only garnish your product but also give protection and promotion to your product. 

Following are some add-ons that you can select for your product:

  • Matt varnishes 
  • Matt lamination 
  • Gloss varnishes
  • Gloss lamination 

Spot UV, foiling, embossing, and debossing techniques are used for add-ons. Each technique has its own specialty, you can select a technique that complements your chocolate product. 

Use FDA Approved Packaging 

All edible products need special attention when it comes to packaging, because of the potential risks of toxins present in packaging. They may pose negative health effects to consumers. Therefore, it is better to select FDA-approved materials in packaging to avoid such situations. 

Make it a Marketing Tool 

While designing wholesale custom boxes use the logo of your company to make the package a marketing tool. It will help in brand recognition and regular customers easily identify your product. In this way, you can also save a reasonable amount of money from marketing.  


Custom chocolate boxes wholesale should showcase the quality of your product and look different from your rivals. A comprehensive plan and a reliable company should be chosen for this purpose. CustomBoxMarket is one of the reliable companies that follow all mentioned tips to make your packaging distinguishable. 

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