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Due to hectic schedules in business as well as in employees’ lives, all we need is a daily planner that manages and reminds us about the daily tasks that can be possible by a mobile application.

List of the best free planner apps for the iPad

There are many iPad planner apps available in the market to manage daily tasks and sort them on a priority basis. We list some of them and choose the best iPad planner app.

1. Click up

Click up app is a mobile-friendly application used to create work plans and arrange them in order to increase the productivity of the task. It includes approx. Fifteen ways to display your daily tasks so you can remember your important tasks and complete them on time. Some key features of this application are:

  • An advanced version of Notepad is available with this app.
  • Integration with other applications that are useful for office work like the Zoom app for meetings.
  • Notifications for pending tasks.
  • Clickup Daily planner basic features are available for free.

2. Todolist 

These applications are available for Android, IOS and online users. It is very easy to use and also you can share your work list with your co-workers. It includes the following features:

  • Subtask list: easy to manage a task by dividing it into subcategories.
  • Recurring tasks
  • Notifications for upcoming or pending tasks.
  • Priority assigned: Prioritise the task according to their importance
  • The basic version of this application is available free of cost on the internet.


This app manages our tasks from the time we leave the bed in the morning to the time we go back to bed at night. In a very simple list or calendar form it makes the list of our routine tasks.

4. Google Calendar 

If we want to organise our monthly schedule of meetings, and tasks then this app is useful and makes a to-do list next to your calendar.

5. Clockify

This application manages our daily tasks along with time estimates and also adds milestones to encourage us to complete the task within time limits.

6. Notion

The application is useful for organising tasks, and documents as an online planner. Also, integrate your whole team into one place which helps in making and successfully implementing the planner.

7. Habitica

Habitica is also a free planner app Which is a very useful and popular application for managing daily tasks. Its new feature of providing rewards for games on successful completion of tasks and punishment in case of delay.

Some Other Popular Planner Apps for iPhone and iPad

  • Trello
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Tick tick
  • Twobird
  • Things 3

These are some popular and widely used daily planner apps that are the best planner for iPad or we can say the best planner for you is decided according to needs. You want to just remember the tasks, complete the tasks on time, or convey the task to your team members and their proceedings. 


In conclusion, there are several good free planner apps available for iPad that can help users stay organised and manage their schedules effectively. Some notable ones given in this blog. All these apps offer features such as task management, reminders, calendar integration, and collaboration options. If you need any other help then, make your visit to the TechZeel to get more information related to the web content.

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