If you want to make progress in Final Fantasy XIV, it’s going to cost you Gil. You need the money to get top gear, amazing mounts like the aforementioned Aithon, and materials. Fortunately, gil is relatively easy to come by in the game. Here are a few tips on how to get more.

Class Quests

While it’s not as great as having a large supply of Gold in WoW, FFXIV has more small Gil sinks built into its core gameplay. These include the ability to sell old gear pieces that aren’t worth much anymore, as well as crafting trendy fashion items with a low level requirement. Additionally, players can grind map dungeons for a steady stream of Gil.

Other small sources of Gil include delivering quest items and completing FATEs, Raids, and other events. Lastly, players can make significant amounts of Gil by running Duty Roulettes. While this may not be the most fun way to farm, it’s one of the quickest and most reliable methods of making money. In addition, players can also take advantage of the noncompetitive aspect of the Leve system to quickly make Gil. However, it’s important to note that some of these sources can vary with each update. This is especially true of the new mining materials that are now available to players.

Gemstone Vendors

A player can make a steady flow of Gil by leveling up their craft profession. The higher their crafter’s level, the more valuable gear they can create, which will be in high demand on the market board. Moreover, many of these items are required for class quests, making it a good idea to level these professions first.

Alternatively, players can complete the many Shared FATEs that appear in various Endwalker regions to gain Bicolor Gemstones, which are used by vendors to sell items like minions, orchestrion rolls, glamour, and furnishings. These vendors offer a lot of the same items you can find in a Main Scenario Quest, but at much lower prices. Plus, a player can also offer these resources on the market board to other players who don’t have access to these unique goods. Furniture crafting is another solid source of Gil because players who have homes often get very invested in decorating them and will be willing to spend large sums on the perfect setup.

Crafting Furniture

Gil is the official currency of Eorzea and acts as the foundation of the in-game economy. Players can earn gil in various ways, including from guildleves, duties on the Duty Finder, completing dungeons, and selling items to NPCs or on the market board.

Treasure hunts are another great way to make gil, as gamers can earn tons of gil and EXP simply by attempting to defeat the monster guarding a treasure. These are usually dungeon bosses or elite monsters, which require a party of players to successfully complete.

Similarly, players can also easily make gil by completing class quests. However, it is worth noting that doing so will likely require leveling a crafter Job such as an Alchemist, Miner, Weaver, etc.


FFXIV allows players to grow their own vegetables and sell them to NPCs for a profit. This is a very common way for players to earn some extra gil.

Another great method for earning a lot of gil is by doing guildleves or levequests. These repeatable quests will give you experience, items and gil. Players can perform a maximum of 100 leve allowances at a time and they recharge every 12 real-world hours. This means that if you do a bunch of leves, you will be able to generate some big profits each week! This can also be used to buy high-value items, like gear, mounts such as the cheap ffxiv gil Aithon and materials.

Additionally, players can use gil to buy vanity glamours for their characters. This is a good way for players to spruce up their characters without having to spend a lot of money on a new outfit at the Mog Station. Players can also purchase a Retainer Fantasia, which works like a standard Mog Station item, except that it allows the player to change the appearance of their Retainer.

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