Have you planned your next vacation to Mysore? You can go for a family vacation or a weekend escapade in the royal city. Apart from visiting the Royal Palace, you can do plenty of things in this city. A wise decision is to include the must-visit place Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in your itinerary. 

Exploration of top attractions

Among the popular tourist attractions of the city of Mysore, one of the most notable ones is Krishna Raja Sagara Dam. One of the significant financial contributors was Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV of Mysore, the dam was named after him. The construction was made by the Chief Engineer of Mysore M. Visvesvaraya. He was the one who emerged with a blueprint for the dam to be constructed near the Kannambadi Village. This masterpiece took 27 years to complete with 10,000 workers working on-site. The incredible surroundings add to the beauty. Illuminated attractions make the site all the more visually appealing. Spend some quality time with nature by visiting KRS Dam.

Modern technology

Before the emergence of modern technology, Sir M Visvesvaraya was involved in the planning of the KRS Dam. He played a pivotal role in the construction of this structure. Sir M Visvesvaraya was born poor. Later on, he became one of the most highly reputed engineers in India. He is the one who is regarded as the creator of modern Mysore. All across the country, Visvesvaraya has played a crucial role in establishing various institutions. The Krishna Raja Sagar Dam is almost 107 years old. Millions of people depend on this source for livelihood. The creations of Visvesvaraya stand for humane side and kindness. 

Cut above the rest

One of the major features that separate this dam from the rest is its incredible beauty and the localities surrounding it. The site has gardens that are vibrant and colorful. Water elements and fountains add to the visual appeal. The site is so beautiful that movies are shot at this place. The dam is located between Mysore and Srirangapatna and offers to be an incredible weekend getaway for the people of Bangalore. Close to this dam, there is the stunning Brindavan Gardens. 

About the food

The town Mangalore lies by the coastline. Fish forms an integral part of the diet. The city has carved its name in the supply of spicy dishes. The influence of South India has been significant in some dishes of this coastal town. You will find many dishes prepared with coconut and curry leaves. You will come across ghee roast, Agassi, and cottage idlis. Check the list of Restaurants in Mangalore and choose one to experience the local flavors.  

Best time to see

This site offers stunning sights all year round. The ideal time to view Krishna Raja Sagara Dam is the monsoon season. During the monsoon season, the water level rises in the dam due to heavy rainfall, thus making a majestic view. At any moment, if the water level goes up to 124 feet, automatic water flow occurs through the gates. The site is worth a visit when water flows with full force. Streams of water gush out, and this creates white foam. If the water level rises above a specific point, the structure remains closed temporarily.

How to reach

Are you thinking of how to reachKrishna Raja Sagara Dam? Arranging a trip there is a simple affair. The site is well-connected to reputed cities. Travelers can pay a visit by bus or train. You will get auto rickshaws from the railway station or bus stoppages. Complete the entire journey within a couple of hours.

Taking a cautious call

You must research extensively on the online platform before planning your next adventure. Take advantage of technology and use the net for this purpose. To make all bookings from the convenience of your home, try with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

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