Epson Printers are exclusive and prominent for impressive as well as excellent quality of printing performance. However, despite being the most reliable and cost-effective device, it can occasionally stumble upon tech glitches. One specific exasperating problem is the Epson Printer Not Printing BlackHowever, for novices, resolving this particular printing issue can be stressful and time-consuming. Fortunately, in this blog, we’ve come up with productive troubleshooting methods that will lead to instantly and straightforwardly eradicating it. All you need is to feast your eyes from top-to-toe and at the same time implement.

The Mystery Revealed: Why Is Your Epson Printer Not Printing Black?

Identifying the actual feasible cause of why your Epson Printer Won’t Print Black is somehow perplexing. There are numerous factors that prevent your Epson Printer from printing in black ink. Beneath is the list of possible causes, check them out:

Reason 1: Clogged PrintHead

Over time, dust or dried ink accumulates in the PrintHead Nozzle and thus it is clogged. So, there will be obstruction with the smooth flow of black ink, hence resulting in the Epson Printer Not Printing Black issue.

Reason 2: Low/Empty Black Ink Cartridge

The ink tank that is filled with black ink probably falls below the minimum fill line. Due to this, the print quality can be affected and also halt the printing process entirely.

Reason 3: Air Bubbles

Air bubbles are trapped in the ink lines and due to this, the black ink is prevented from reaching the print head. That’s why; air bubbles are extremely required to be purged as soon as possible to have a good quality printout with the Epson Printer machine.

Reason 4: Misaligned PrintHead

Print results may be unsatisfactory if the printed ruled lines are misaligned.

Reason 5: Driver or Software Glitches

Outdated or faulty drivers installed against your Epson Printer product, or any software conflicts can lead to the communication gap between the devices.

Effectual Techniques To Resolve Epson Printer Not Printing Black Issue

Doesn’t matter why your Epson Printer neglects black ink during print, resolving the Epson Printer Not Printing Black conundrum is extensively crucial. The desired steps that are involved in fixing your black ink issue are compiled below. Let’s take a short glance and start executing without delay:

Technique 1: Replace The Black Ink Cartridge

Here is the course of action you need to take when it comes to replacing the black ink cartridge:

·       First of all, switch off your Epson Printer.

·       Now, slightly open the print header.

·       Afterward, protectively take out the black cartridge from your Epson Printer.

·       Now, unpack the new black cartridge. Make sure you use an Epson brand of cartridge to insert.

·       Now, slightly and carefully fit the branded black ink cartridge into your printer’s slot.

·       Once the cartridge is adjusted into the correct slot, close the print header.

·       Now, restart your Epson Printer and check whether it’s printing black.

Technique 2: Clean The PrintHead Nozzle

The PrintHead allows ink to flow smoothly while you print something. Ideally, the ink is dropped slowly onto the paper through printhead nozzles. So, if the nozzle is blocked, the prints appear faded or blank. In such a scenario, unclogging the printhead is important to avoid the Epson Printer Won’t Print Black issue. Here’s how to do it:

·       Open the Control Panel on your Windows Desktop.  

·       Go to the “Devices and Printers” section.

·       You can see the Epson Print icon with a Green checkmark. Go ahead and right-click on it and then select the “Properties” option.   

·       Now, click the “Preferences” tab.

·       Head over to “Maintenance.”

·       Tap the “Head Cleaning” option.

·       After that, click the “Start” button and follow the on-screen commands.

Once you’re done, the clogged nozzle will be successfully cleaned and thus ink will again start dropping onto the paper during print.

Technique 3: Observe Black Ink Levels

Epson Printer may not print black if the black ink is low in the cartridges. So, check the ink level using the below steps:

·       Open the “Control Panel” in your Windows.

·       Select the “Devices & Printers” options from the menu.

·       Right-click on the “Epson Printer” icon and choose the “Print Preference” option.

·       Click the “Repair” tab.

·       Opt for “Maintenance Menu” and tap the “Epson Status Monitor” option to open it and view the actual ink level. If the ink is below the boundary, refill the black ink in the tank.

Technique 4: Uninstall The Corrupt Driver and Reinstall The Updated One

Here’s how:

·       Open the “Run” dialog box.

·       Type “Appwiz.Cpl” in the search field.

·       Hit the “OK” tab.  

·       Choose the “Epson Printer” option from the result.  

·       Tap the “Uninstall” button. The driver will begin to uninstall.

·       Once done, reboot your operating system.

·       Now, visit the Epson Official page and download the new release drivers for your Epson printer.

·       Run the “Printer Setup” file.

·       Agree to the “Installation terms and conditions.”

·       Install the drivers by following the onscreen procedure precisely and accurately.

Online Epson Printer Support For Epson Printer Not Printing Black

Hopefully! You are equipped with all the necessary troubleshooting techniques and able to frequently overcome the Epson Printer Not Printing Black conundrum. If your efforts do not yield the results you expected and seeking professional help, reach out to the Online Epson Printer Support team. They are immensely proficient in serving satisfying solutions.

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Epson Printer that all of a sudden stops printing as per your expectation or else serves top-to-toe blank page is quite common. Not only you but many users have come across Epson Printer Not Printing problem. The printer will not respond when you send a Print command to a document for print. The productive fixing methods that will lend you a hand in eradicating this problem are listed below: · First, try fresh restarting your printer and computer devices. · Check the cartridges for ink or toner levels. · Run the PrintHead Cleaning tool to clear the clogged nozzles. · Make sure Epson Printer is connected over a stable and correct network.

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