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The PE industry is dynamic, high-speed and filled with professionals seeking lucrative deals & high-level investments. To truly stay ahead in this competitive landscape, a PE professional needs to stay abreast of the latest trends, insights and expert opinions.

In today’s digital world, podcasts have emerged as a powerful platform for knowledge sharing, ironic isn’t it? In an otherwise fast paced short format digital scenery, long format lengthy insightful conversations are becoming a source of learning for private equity professionals.

But a question that is asked oftenly is, Why should one listen to Private Equity Podcasts?

Well for starters, Podcasts offer a unique & engaging way to stay informed and connected in the private equity space by making the whole thing feel like a conversation. Think of yourself as the third person in a trio discussing space travel and the other two people have already been on the moon. Yes, Exactly! Here are some compelling reasons why every private equity professional should incorporate podcasts into their routine:

Expert Insights: Gain valuable insights from seasoned professionals and industry leaders who share their experiences, strategies, and success stories.

Trends and Analysis: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, market analysis, and emerging opportunities within the private equity industry.

Career Growth: Learn about career advancement, job prospects, and skills needed to thrive in the competitive world of private equity.

Networking Opportunities: Podcasts often feature interviews with influential individuals, providing an opportunity to connect with key players in the industry.

Time Efficiency: Listen to podcasts while commuting, exercising, or during downtime, making it a convenient way to learn and multitask.

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12 Private Equity Podcasts Every Professional Should Listen (2023)

Now, let’s dive into the top 13 12 private equity podcasts that promise to enrich your knowledge and take your private equity career to new heights:

  • M&A Science – Hosted by Kison Patel, M&A Science features interviews with industry experts and thought leaders making it a must-listen podcast for every private equity professional. His expertise as an M&A buy-side advisor allows him to delve into the art & science of mergers and acquisitions. If you are a regular, you can expect to gain valuable insights into deal-making strategies and best practices followed by industry pioneers.
  • Private Equity Fast Pitch – Private Equity Fast Pitch hosted by Jeff Henningsen, is known for its informative episodes. Featuring conversations with successful investors, dealmakers, and entrepreneurs, listening to the podcast feels like an introductory meeting. A must listen for gaining practical insights and tips for private equity professionals.
  • Private Equity Funcast – Hosted by Devin Mathews and Jim Milbery, The Private Equity Funcast takes a lighthearted approach to explore the world of private equity. Their conversations focus on trends, strategies, case studies and how to use technology to improve business operations, offering an enjoyable learning experience.
  • NextWave Private Equity – The podcast features in-depth discussions on private equity investing and portfolio management led by Winna Brown. The EY Americas FAAS Private Equity Leader equips listeners with valuable knowledge to navigate the complexities of the private equity landscape while exploring the impact of NextWave on the society.
  • Privcap Private Equity & Real Estate Podcast – Privcap offers a comprehensive podcast series covering private equity and real estate. Listen to expert interviews and panel discussions that provide actionable insights for investors and professionals alike.
  • Private Equity Technology Podcast – For those interested in the intersection of technology and private equity, the Private Equity Technology Podcast is a go-to resource. The host, Alex Agran invites technology and private equity experts to explore how tech innovations impact the PE industry.
  • The Private Equity PErspectives Podcast – Delving into various aspects of private equity investments, from due diligence to exit strategies, each episode offers valuable perspectives for professionals seeking to enhance their understanding of the industry.
  • The Family Office Podcast – Although not exclusively focused on private equity, The Family Office Podcast is essential for understanding the world of family offices & their involvement in private equity deals. With over 150 episodes as of now, Richard C. Wilson shares invaluable insights from his experience in the field.
  • The Future of Finance – Gain truly global insights into digital transformation, analytics, and emerging technologies shaping the future of finance with guests from all around the world. You get to explore the rapidly evolving finance industry, including private equity with this amazing podcast.
  • Private Equity 360 – Hosted by Frazier and Deeter, an accounting and advisory firm in the United States, this podcast features in-depth conversations with private equity experts and investors offering comprehensive insights into various stages of the investment process.
  • The Unquote Private Equity Podcast – Hosted by Unquote, this podcast covers European private equity news, deals, and market analysis. If you’re interested in the European private equity landscape, this podcast is a valuable resource.
  • The Private Equity Podcast – Last but not least, The Private Equity Podcast features Alex Rawling getting candid with industry experts to gauge for valuable secrets and real-world experiences that can shape your private equity career.


The world of private equity is constantly evolving. As a private equity professional, staying informed and continuously learning is crucial to succeed in this competitive industry. Podcasts offer a convenient and engaging way to gain insights, learn from experts, and expand your network.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting your private equity journey, these top 13 12 podcasts provide a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. So, plug in your earphones and embark on a journey of continuous growth and success in the fascinating world of private equity. Happy listening!

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