Abu Dhabi stands out as a renowned destination, serving as the paramount UAE capital. This locale boasts numerous captivating sites, including the planet’s loftiest indoor ascent wall, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Ferrari Theme Park, Yas Island, and more. Noteworthy too is the Earth’s most expansive expanse, the Vast Quarter Desert expedition within Abu Dhabi.

Throughout the Abu Dhabi Desert Excursion, indulge in six to seven hours of exhilaration and diversion. These region’s dunes harken back to the days of nomadic Arab odysseys, offering a diverse range of amusing activities and journeys such as horseback riding, camel treks, dune thrashing, quad biking, and the pleasures of henna art and body ink.

Desert Safari Abu Dhabi Thing

Additionally, delight in live dance spectacles accompanied by kehwa, featuring belly dancing, Tanura performances, fire displays, and myriad other amusements. Furthermore, availing the services of tourist companies grants you the convenience of pick-up and drop-off.

Concerning delectable Arabic barbecues and lavish dinner spreads, you’ll find everything necessary to enrich your Abu Dhabi sojourn. When planning your trip to the fascinating city, ensure you secure your tickets for the desert safari in Abu Dhabi. It is an essential experience not to be overlooked.

What does the package encompass? Initially, you have the option to select from diverse safari ride packages, be it the morning desert expedition, the evening venture, or the overnight dune odyssey, each possessing its allure.

The morning desert safari delivers the spectacle of a fiery sunrise, permitting the capture of mesmerizing snapshots. As for the evening safari, it offers the opportunity to relish a desert sunset, glimpsing the sand’s more mysterious aspect, all while partaking in live entertainment.

During the Abu Dhabi overnight tour, you can revel in night-long camping, following a sumptuous buffet feast. Gaze upon the starry sand sky, forging cherished moments with your cherished ones. Let’s delve into a comprehensive examination of the inclusions in the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari.

Pick & Drop Service

For the utmost convenience of its patrons, both the fundamental and premium packages encompass this provision. Your hotel pick-up and punctual drop-off at the designated spot are assured. The trusty 4×4 land cruiser stands ready at your disposal, steered by adept drivers who will escort you on your safari journey

Taking on the Dunes

Upon reaching the campsite, your adrenaline fix awaits with exhilarating 4×4 SUV dune bashing. Experience the dunes’ adrenaline-pumping twists and turns. As you navigate these sandy rollercoasters, secure your seatbelt, brace yourself, and savor the thrilling crests and troughs. Rest assured, safety gear is provided, allowing you to capture memorable moments through photography.

Camel Riding

Within the Desert Safari budget-friendly package, you’ll have the chance to mount camels, don traditional Arabian attire for your dune excursion, and relish a captivating falconry exhibition.


Sandboarding presents a thrilling activity amidst these colossal dunes, catering to all age groups. Skiing is permitted within designated zones, and rest assured, your feet will be firmly fastened to the board for your safety.


Photography is an integral facet of the Abu Dhabi desert safari experience. Seize the enchanting moments of sunrise and sunset, capturing photographs that will captivate your gaze indefinitely. The dune’s sunrise and sunset impart an entirely enchanting ambiance, and you can even partake in photography while adorned in traditional Arabic garb.

Drinks & refreshments unlimited

After exciting adventures, hop on a sand journey across the Arabian peninsula to satisfy your thirst and hunger. At the Bedouin camp, enjoy tea, coffee, beverages, bottled water, and snacks as you relax.

Quad Biking

Join the off-road quad bike adventure for an extra dose of excitement. Speed through the dunes on an ATV, equipped with safety gear, and claim victory in your thrilling race

Henna Designing & Tattoos

Your package offers a chance to enjoy Henna and Tattoo artistry by skilled professionals. These designs are stunning and perfect for women.

Live Entertainment Shows

Have you ever witnessed live performances by seasoned artists? If not, at the UAE’s capital city fascinating tour, you can enjoy belly dancing, classic Tanoura shows, and fiery performance, all accompanied by a delightful dinner buffet and kehwa, perfect for enjoying with your partner.

Dinner Buffet

Among the live entertainment, savor a delectable BBQ buffet dinner with a diverse selection of Arabic dishes. The live barbecue station is outdoors, while the vegetarian food station, offering an array of sweets and salads, is set up at the camp.

Final Words

Whether it’s an annual tradition or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, don’t miss out on an Abu Dhabi desert safari. Create lasting memories with thrilling adventures, entertaining activities, and a scrumptious dinner. Expect a blend of fun, safety, security, tranquility, and comfort. So, worry-free, secure your tickets today!

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