If you are planning to renovate your space or build a new space and want to add a touch of class, you should definitely think about using tiles. Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are several tile selector tools, such as TriaLook, that are extremely powerful online applications to visualise your space. You can preview every tile kind you like in an online tile shop and see how it looks in your space. 

Understanding Tile Layouts

If you are planning to lay tiles on your floor, you must take time to figure out the best way to arrange the tiles and also, select the right tile size – square or rectangular. Tile selector techniques have made it easier for you to select the right kind of tile for your space. With these techniques, you can easily figure out how you can lay your selected tiles within a room and whether you expect to get your desired look when you actually install them or not. Additionally, you can incorporate different layout patterns – vertical, horizontal, or mosaic design applications to create uniqueness in your space. To understand better, you can reach out to your nearest tile showroom.

Preparing Your Project

Before you start the selection process, you must know the dimensions of your room. Also, you should click images of your room from different angles to get a preview of your interior setting post-installation using the tile selector tools. For guidance, you can also search for a tile shop and ask the tile dealer to help you. 

Selecting the Right Tiles

There are endless options of tiles with varying designs, colours, textures, and patterns when you visit an online tile shop. You can find the tile type you prefer and get a high-quality virtual experience using the tile selector, making it easier for you to imagine and make the right choice. 

Advanced Tile Selector Techniques

Now, let’s understand how you can use these advanced tile selector tools for creating unique interior settings. 

Colour and Pattern Combinations

You can find tiles in a large variety of colours, designs and patterns. You can always combine different kinds of tiles and create your own unique design, allowing your creativity to run free. With tile selector tools, you can explore, visualise, and finalise the right colour and pattern combinations of tiles with ease. 

Focal Points and Accents

Accent walls always create unexpected and mind-blowing interior decor by creating a focal point within the room. You can use patterned tiles or 3D tiles to make a bold and visually striking appeal. Plus, you can preview each tile option you like for your accent wall with tile selector tools. 

Border and Edge Designs

Tiles with border and edge designs add a decorative edge and a beautiful look to the edges of the tiled area. These tile designs look best in entryways, splashbacks, and upstands. You can use them to add a sense of completion and a great first impression. 

Installation Process

Tiling is a skilled job, so it requires a significant amount of planning and experience to get the best finish. Whether you are planning to lay tiles on your kitchen splashback or living room floor, you have to follow a detailed DIY guide to do a good job. Also, you can reach out to a tile showroom to learn more about the installation process. However, if you are not skilled enough or confused about the entire process, you should hire professionals to have a better and more professional look. Plus, they can do a faster job and provide the best look of the tiles. 


Tiles are the perfect material to elevate the look of any space, and tile selector tools help you select the right tiles for your interior setting. You can visit an online tile store and use tile selector software like TriaLook to preview tiles. To explore tiles in person, you can search for ” a tile shop near me” and visit the nearest tile showroom – Orientbell Tiles Boutique in Kotla Mubarakpur, New Delhi.

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