Creative Biostructure, a biotechnology company that has been actively working on the characterization of proteins for years, recently updated its protein evolution service, covering the full cycle of protein engineering to satisfy various research needs.

Protein evolution is inextricably linked to the changes and selection of DNA polymorphisms and mutations caused by protein sequence changes in response to DNA sequence changes. So far, most research into protein evolution has focused on domains, which are independently folding units from which modern proteins are formed. Protein sequence comparison and sequence similarity searching are the most effective tools for characterizing protein sequences.

With extensive experience gained in protein characterization, Creative Biostructure is capable of providing customized services in a timely and cost-effective manner. Protein evolution service process at Creative Biostructure:

  • Consultation to determine the best strategy for protein evolution (random, rational, or combined approach).
  • Cloning and expression through the use of proprietary cloning technology and production strains
  • Development of sophisticated high throughput screening assays for desired protein activities and applications
  • Design, generation and screening of the mutant libraries
  • Optional: purification and characterization of best-performing variants (kinetic properties, selectivity, stability, and so on).

According to Joanna, the chief marketing staff at Creative Biostructure, the company’s optimal protein evolution strategies include, but are not limited to:

Phylogenetic tree construction

Creative Biostructure offers phylogenetic trees constructed with multiple methods for different applications, including unweighted pair group method with arithmetic mean (UPGMA), neighbor-joining (NJ), maximum parsimony (MP), maximum likelihood (ML) and Bayesian method.

De novo Design

Protein structure prediction, protein folding and interactions, thermodynamics information, energetic state, stability.

Library design and construction

cDNA Library, Genomic DNA Library, Protein Sequence Library, Protein Structural Library

Directed Evolution

Perform directed evolution in vivo/vitro to evolve proteins with desired properties

Rational Design

“Through bioinformational and experimental methods, our scientists can address gene/function issues. We adopt sensitive sequence profile methods and structure comparison methods to determine evolutionary relationships not detectable at the DNA-level. And we will continually to update our services accordingly to meet different research needs.” Commented Joanna.

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