Creative BioMart, a leading provider of research reagents and services, recently announced the update of its Protein Extraction Services, providing researchers with high-quality protein samples for use in a wide range of applications.

The understanding of life phenomena at the molecular level based on proteins and structure and function has become a major direction in the development of modern biology. To study proteins, the first step is to obtain highly purified and biologically active target substances. The preparation of proteins involves knowledge of various aspects of physics, chemistry and biology, but the basic principles are no more than two. The first is to use the difference in the distribution rate of several components of the mixture, they are assigned to two or several phases that can be mechanically separated, such as salinization, organic solvent extraction, chromatography and crystallization, etc.; the second is to place the mixture in a single phase, through the action of the physical force field so that the components are distributed in the same area to achieve the purpose of separation, such as electrophoresis, ultracentrifugation, ultrafiltration, etc..

In the application of all these methods, care must be taken to preserve the integrity of the biological macromolecules and to prevent the loss of biological activity of the proposed substances due to acid, alkaline, high temperature and violent mechanical effects. Protein preparation is generally divided into the following four stages: selection of materials and pretreatment, cell fragmentation and organelle separation, extraction and purification, concentration, drying and preservation.

Backed by abundant experience in isolating proteins from tissue/cells of all kinds of species covering animal, plant, bacteria, yeast, etc., Creative BioMart now provides a range of systems to simplify protein isolation and purification tasks. For the tagging of proteins and antibodies, affinity chromatography resins are available. For quick immunoprecipitation and target isolation, magnetic beads were created.

Based on the specific requirements of its customers’, Creative BioMart is able to design specialized approach for extraction and delivers purified protein sample, specified protein concentration, special formulation to prevent protein from degradation, custom aliquoting as specified by customer, and certificate of analysis as specified by customers.

Types of proteins that can be extracted at Creative BioMart include: Enzymes, Growth factors, DNA binding proteins, Blood proteins, Membrane proteins, Mitochondrial proteins, and Chloroplast proteins.

Organelle protein extraction, nuclear protein extraction, membrane protein extraction, and cytoplasmic protein extraction are also available at Creative BioMart.

“We are excited to update our Protein Extraction Services to fit diversified needs,” said Linna, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart. “With the help of these services, researchers will have access to high-quality protein samples that can be used for a variety of purposes. We believe that our updated services will help researchers to advance their understanding of biological systems and develop new treatments for diseases.”

For more information about Creative BioMart’s Protein Extraction Services, please visit the company’s website at

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