Cash app is basically a money transferring app which allows the users to send and receive money by using their bank accounts. It offers a Cash App Visa Debit Card to the users, through which they can access the funds and make the ATM withdrawals. There are a lot of activities that users can do with this app, such as when we go out with out our friends to eat something and want to split the bill, the Cash App has made it easy to do by allowing the users to split any sum equally among friends or other people, and then pay each other. However, sometimes a user might want to stop using this app and delete or close the account. So in this article below, you will find out about how to delete cash app account, along with other info.

As you scroll down, you will find out complete details of the steps that make your Cash App account delete permanently. So just keep reading below to check out all the information.

How to delete cash app account permanently?

So the complete process of account deletion includes 3 major steps, which are- to withdraw all the funds from the app, close or delete the account on the cash app, & finally deleting the app from your mobile phone. So below is the detailed guide on the same-

  1. Firstly, transfer all the cash app funds to your main account- This is the first important thing that you need to do before permanent;y deleting your account. So to empty your funds from the Cash app account, you will have to open the app and log in your account. Now, before we proceed further and check out the steps to do that, here is an important tip for you-

Tip- So even if your balance on Cash App is zero, you can not close your account if you have any Bitcoin or stocks. You will have to go into each stock and then choose ‘sell’, and do the same for Bitcoin, if you have any. And once everything is zero (including the cash balance), you can go ahead with how to delete cash app account by following the steps mentioned below-

  1.  So as you will log into your account on the app, you will first see the main page, where you can generally make or request for a payment.
  1. Here, you have to select the ‘house’ icon, which is present at the lower left to switch to the home page of Cash App. This is actually where you will be finding the option to transfer all the balance to your main bank account by tapping on ‘cash out’.

(Using this cash out option will allow you to transfer the funds of your account to the bank account that you have configured to use with your app account. And if you wish to transfer your funds in Cash app to a different bank account, then just make sure to set that up first before you cash out your account).

  1. Now, just follow all the ‘cash out’ instructions in the app to complete the transfer of funds and empty your Cash App account funds.
  1. Secondly, close and delete your cash app account- Another step in how to delete cash app account is that- once you are done transferring your funds from the cash app, you are now ready to completely delete your account. So just follow the steps that are provided below to initiate the process of deletion of your cash app account.
  1. So from the home screen where we cashed out the balance in the first step, you have to select the icon ‘profile’, which is present at the upper right corner of the screen. Now, at the bottom of the list of options, you have to tap on the ‘support’ link.
  1. This will open the support page, which will have a list of some common help options. The option of closing your Cash App account will not be listed here, so you are supposed to first tap on ‘something else’ to land on the next page with more options. 
  1. Now, the next page will appear where you will find a lot more options. This is also where you could tap on the option of ‘cash out’ to transfer your funds, if you have not done it already. Otherwise, just move forward by clicking on ‘account settings’ to move to the page of Account Settings.
  1. To start the process, click on close account > close my cash app account.
  1. This will land you on a page which has more information about what it exactly means when you close your account on a cash app. So just read all the info carefully to make sure that you really want to close your account. And once you are sure, click on the ‘confirm closing account’ link, available at the bottom of the page.
  1. Thus, once you have confirmed the closure of your account, your Cash App account will be successfully deleted, and your cash app user ID will no longer exist.
  1. Thirdly, remove the cash app from your mobile- And the last step for how to delete cash app account is the removal of the cash app from your mobile phone, as follows-
  1. On Android phones, there are different options to uninstall the app. But the easiest way to do it is by tapping and holding the app, & then clicking on ‘uninstall’.
  1. On an iPhone, a person can delete any app from the phone itself, by tapping and holding it and then clicking on ‘remove app’, or via the App store.

And thus, at this point, you are done emptying your balance on the Cash app, closing the account, deleting it permanently and removing the app from your phone. So if you ever want to use Cash App again, you will have to reinstall the app and sign up for a new account on it. And so that’s all you need to know for how to delete cash app account.

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