Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli centuries

The rivalry between the neighbours, India and Pakistan has always been a matter of controversy and debate in politics, as well as in sports. It becomes specifically evident in Cricket. People come to watch India vs Pakistan Cricket Match from all around the world, making it one of the most watched sports events in the history of sports. As much as it sounds serious, we should not forget the beauty of sports that comes in the form of camaraderie among different teams. 

Cricket is an emotion. Especially in India, people from all walks of life are devoted fans. They do not just watch but emotionally involve themselves in it. Thus, the political rivalry between Pakistan and India walks to the sports ground too. For some, it’s a light-hearted and fun competition. For the rest, it becomes a life-or-death moment. 

As we’re discussing the rivalry between two neighbours, let’s shed some light on the best players of both teams. Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli Rivalry has been collecting all the limelight recently. Babar Azam of the Pakistan Cricket Team and Virat Kohli of the Indian Cricket Team are undergoing a neck-to-neck competition lately as Babar Azam has replaced Kohli as the No. 1 ranked international player. 

Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli: Comparison

Virat Kohli has led his team as captain and has contributed to its success consistently. As an individual player, he has broken innumerable records and has become one of the most popular and admired sportspersons in the world. He is known for his unbeatable batting style and vigorous attitude on the field.

On the Other hand, Babar Azam has revived hope in his team. Continuing the legacy of former players like Shahid Afridi, Javed Miandad & more, he has helped his team to reach great success. If we talk about his achievements, in a very short period, Babar Azam has achieved what most players could not achieve their entire life. He has secured his success in the top 3 rankings of all formats, becoming the only cricketer in the world to do so.

If we compare the two in different formats, Babar Azam has taken the top spot in the ODI rankings, previously held by Virat Kohli for more than three years. However, Kohli’s consistency in the average run rate can not be disregarded. Moreover, he currently secures the second position as a Batsman to hit the most centuries in ODI cricket, if we talk about Babar Azam vs Virat Kohli centuries.

In test cricket, Babar is notably a newcomer and has played only 37 matches, unlike Virat Kohli with 97. Hence, with a better average and runs, Kohli currently dominates the format. Additionally, he is the only cricketer in the world to have an average of more than 50 in all 3 formats making him better than Azam in the T20 International as well.

Both Cricketers bat at No. 3 and have served as captains of their respective teams. While Virat Kohli reigns over ODI as captain, Babar has a better captaincy record in T20s. Considering that Babar hasn’t been captain for long, it’s quite obvious that he would replace Kohli as overall a better captain in the future.

In a nutshell, both players are brilliant in their way. Babar is an emerging player whereas Virat has been playing for a long time and has already seen the peak of his career. Hence, comparing the two with each other doesn’t serve any purpose in evaluating their success. Both have proven to be the best for their respective teams and their achievements will be written with golden words in the history of sports.

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