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Selecting the right signage companies is key to getting high-quality, eye-catching signage that effectively builds your brand image. With many options to choose from, here are 6 essential tips for choosing a sign partner you can trust:

  1. Clearly Define Your Signage Needs

The first critical step in choosing a sign company is to clearly define the specifics of the signage you need fabricated. Outline in detail the exact types and quantities of signs required, including the sign sizes, materials such as vinyl, metal, acrylic and other substrates, and any unique sign elements like dimensional lettering or digital displays.

Providing this level of specifications right from the start allows potential sign vendors to tailor their proposals and recommendations directly to your particular signage goals and requirements. They can provide accurate pricing and timelines when all details are known upfront.

Be sure to indicate must-have components that are essential to your sign project versus optional add-ons that are lower priority. This helps focus vendor bids on your most important needs first when it comes to solutions, pricing, and timelines. With a detailed, itemized outline specifying sign types, quantities, sizes, materials, specialty elements, and priority components, vendors have the necessary information to assess the scope of work and provide bids matching what you hope to achieve with your new signage.

  1. Look for Specialized Experience and Expertise

When researching potential sign companies, it’s advisable to look for vendors that specialize in fabricating the specific type of signage you need, rather than vendors that offer general sign services. For example, if you require exterior dimensional lettering for your building, search for firms focused specifically on dimensional letters rather than a jack-of-all-trades shop. Companies dedicating their business to particular sign niches like architectural signs, retail displays, vehicle wraps, trade show exhibits, etc. tend to have greater expertise in those specialty applications.

Review each prospective vendor’s website, portfolio and client examples to evaluate past projects similar to yours. A long history of completed work in your niche demonstrates the experience that translates to higher quality outcomes for your unique needs. Firms without robust expertise in your specific application may underestimate complexity, use inferior techniques or materials, or deliver unsatisfactory results. Specialized experience matters. An ideal firm thoroughly understands nuances like building codes for exterior signs, durability factors for vehicles wraps in your climate, or lighting required for a retail display.

  1. Consider Their Design Capabilities

The sign company you choose shouldn’t just be a fabrication shop – they should offer in-house graphic design services to fully conceptualize and optimize your signage. Quality sign partners have designers on staff that collaborate with you to determine the right sign layouts, materials, sizing, colors, messaging and more to make your signs eye-catching and aligned with your brand guide.

These designers have expertise in areas like typography, color theory, balancing text and graphics, and composition specifically for sign visibility and impact. They take your branding input and translate it into polished final artwork optimized for your signs. Having access to professional design eliminates the need to provide your own final files. The sign partner handles creating artwork customized to your brand that maximizes aesthetics, visibility, and amplification of your image.

In-house design expertise ensures your signs properly showcase your brand identity while capturing attention of your target audience. It enables iteration on options to land on the optimal designs. Collaborating with sign designers yields a much better result than just sending a logo to a fabrication shop and letting them figure it out. The design component is invaluable.

  1. Ensure Use of Quality Materials

When assessing potential sign partners, take time to evaluate the quality of the materials they use in fabrication. The substrates, coatings, lighting components, hardware, and other material selections significantly impact the durability and longevity of your signs.

Be selective – look for vendors that source high-grade materials from reputable, proven brands known for quality and durability. This produces signage that maintains its integrity and appearance over the long term, even in harsh outdoor conditions.

Cheap, inferior materials degrade quicker from sun exposure and weathering. But quality components withstand the elements year after year while proper sign materials represent your brand professionally. Don’t let vendors cut corners to reduce costs by using flimsy metals, vinyl not rated for exteriors, low-watt lighting insufficient for visibility, or plastic parts that become brittle.

  1. Look for responsive local service

When selecting a sign partner, prioritize vendors located in your area to enable quicker response time for service needs versus out-of-town providers. Local companies can more conveniently perform regular maintenance, inspections, lighting repairs, and cleaning on your signs over their lifetime. They have nearby teams to handle issues promptly as they arise.

Geographic proximity also allows local firms to fabricate signs specifically compliant with building codes and ordinances in your city or town. They’re familiar working with local zoning boards and permitting processes. Additionally, local vendors better understand local climate conditions like humidity, prevailing winds, snow loads and temperature ranges to engineer durable signs suiting your environment. Materials are designed accordingly.

  1. Ask for Examples and References

Reputable sign companies will furnish visual examples of past work and client references who can speak to their experience partnering with the vendor. Review these carefully as indicators of what you can expect. Seeing photos or videos of previously completed sign projects helps assess the quality of construction, materials, aesthetics, installation, and other factors. It brings their capabilities to life beyond claims on a website.

Speaking to references offers third-party insights about the provider’s responsiveness, workmanship, project management and final sign outcomes.Candid feedback from past clients builds trust. Ideally, check out some local sign installations in-person if possible to scrutinize elements like fabrication quality, finishes, lighting, durability and more up close.

Hands-on inspection and feedback from fellow customers provides assurance about end results, attention to detail, adherence to budgets and timelines, and overall working relationship. While every client’s needs differ, examples and references create transparency into how a provider operates. It builds confidence they can deliver similar results tailored to your unique sign project.


Choosing the ideal digital signage companies is a significant branding decision for any company. Following tips like verifying expertise, design capabilities, quality, and service responsiveness ensures you get exceptional, durable signage tailored to your needs. The right provider becomes a trusted ally in amplifying your image through eye-catching visual communication. With signs that reinforce your brand and deliver results for years to come, the investment in selecting the best sign partner pays dividends through enhanced visibility and impressions.

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