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if you want to visit Machu Picchu and Cusco, you must first travel to Lima. Exploring the historic district, paragliding high above the shore, dining on Peruvian cuisine and dancing the night away in a hidden bar. These are a few of the many exciting activities available in Lima.

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Best Things to Do in Lima in 2023:

1. Plaza de Armas

As a result, you’ll want to go back there on your own to do additional exploring. Lima’s birthplace, also known as the Plaza Mayor, was in 1535 by the Spanish adventurer Francisco Pizarro. The city was King Charles I of Spain to was on a square-shaped plaza.

Lima Cathedral and the Government Palace surround the Plaza de Armas. It’s a lovely tree-lined plaza with a fountain in the centre that’s a nice place to unwind for a while. 

2. San Francisco Church

A tour into the catacombs beneath the San Francisco Church is one of the most popular (and scary) things to do in Lima. This lovely Spanish Baroque church was in the late 1600s and is one of the best maintained in Lima.

Aside from the church, there is an attached monastery with a large collection of ancient religious texts. But most visitors do not come here to read. They have come to see the catacombs and have decided to go underground. This was Lima’s first cemetery, and it is that up to 75,000 individuals were buried here.  

3. Aliaga House

When Pizarro created the city in 1535, he handed Jerónimo de Aliaga, one of his trusted associates, a block of property near his palace. Aliaga erected a home there, which still stands today. The house has had various alterations throughout the years.

The house is not only as old as Lima, but it is also the oldest house in the Americas to be the same family. His descendants live in a contemporary wing on the site, and the mansion is now a museum. Within, you’ll discover a wonderful assortment of Peruvian art and relics. One of the top activities you can do in Lima, Peru, is to visit Casa Aliaga. If you Plan to See Aliaga House, You Can Choose Spirit Flight Booking Ticket at Affordable Prices.

4. Peruvian Cuisine 

As I’ve stated before and will repeat again, Peruvian cuisine is the best in South America. Your palate will be up for a treat if you visit Peru’s capital. This popular food tour in Barranco includes visits to 15 different food booths. Your local guide will introduce you to the authentic flavours of Peru. Find out more about the culinary tour here. Peruvian cuisine has combined flavours from all around the world utilising local products due to its lengthy multicultural heritage. Peruvian cuisine has a wide range of people over the years, from Spanish conquistadors to Chinese immigrants.

5. San Cristobal Hill

If you want to see the Centro Historico from above, make a journey up to San Cristobal Hill part of your Lima agenda. This is the city’s highest natural point, standing 400 metres above sea level. The hill is an apu, a mountain deity who guards the city. The Spanish conquistadors imposed their ideas on the indigenous inhabitants by building a cross here, as they were wont to do.

People still give offerings to the mountains, and a large Christian pilgrimage occurs here during Semana Santa. While you may be to walk up the slope, you should not. This isn’t the safest part of Lima, so strolling about on your own isn’t a good idea.

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